Newbie from the Buckeye State!

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  1. What Up Ladies and Gents!!!

    Spent about 2 years trying to hunt down my stang of choice and finally found one that the wife and I could not pass up!

    We found a 2004 Mustang GT Vert 40th Anniversary, Black on Black on Black. 48000 miles for 10 grand!

    Things done to the baby!

    Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
    Mach 1 Grill Delete
    Cobra Spoiler
    Chrome MUSTANG Inserts
    5% Window Tint all the way around
    99-01 Cobra Wheels (getting rid of soon... trying to trade anyone for bullit style wheels)
    PRO 5.0 Shorty Shifter
    Pioneer FH-PB8000 headunit
    Functional Hood Scoop
    Black Housed Headlights
    K&N Filter...

    I might be missin a few others but oh well... to the Pics we go!!!


    my last car I had... the forum I was on... they dont really talk much anymore when u drop the car of choice on their forum... so Cant wait to be a regular on here!
  2. Welcome to Stangnet! :)
    It's great to have you congrats on your 2004 Ford Mustang GT!
    Sounds like a great deal as in my area you will not find a 2004
    for that cheap.Definitley enjoy your mustang and I really like
    your mods by the way your mustang is simply beautiful.
    Check out the forums and don't be affraid to ask any questions.
  3. Welcome to Stangnet !