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  1. those that have no experaince with nitrous need not reply....

    -other then a basic single stage kit what else will i need (no frills) to safely run a 75 shot?
    -what is the best brand to get?
    -where is the cheapest place to purchase a kit
    -how many shots do you get out of a full bottle?
    -how much does it cost to refill the bottle
    -how long did it take you guys to install your kit
    -where the best place to mount the control panel
    -is nitrous 50 state legal?

    thanks in advance for yalls help i think i'm pretty close to getting a setup pretty soon :nice:
  2. Read my addin to your questions?
  3. so i wont need new injectors, spark, plugs, comp tune?
  4. Well, I did forget that one huh? You will need to go at least one to two steps colder in plugs.


    I am running Autolite 103's right now. I am going to get a tune on the car to make sure that the a/f is right and get rid of my chip in n/a mode. That will just make it safer running with the nitrous.

    Injectors, no you do not need to change them.
  5. um... why will the platinum sprakeys melt and not the gold ones?
  6. because nitrous makes more heat then gas when burned and platinum plugs are really hot all that heat = bye bye mr spark plug :(

    do you need the bottle warmer and the window/safety switches?
  7. You do not have to have the warmer but it is useful to keep the psi to optimal bottle pressure between 900-1050 psi.

    If you don't get that, yes you need the window switch with a manual.

    Lets say you miss a shift hit the gas redline with nitrous may be bad! Like blown engine bad.

    THey have a new one out that is digital and easier to setup than the one they sell.

    It is by MSD and is worth the money (less than 100 bucks)

    Oh and the ones that say NX window switch they are made by MSD, NX will tell you that!
  8. well...Being the self proclaimed nitrous guru of the 97 mustang(i decided 2 minutes ago while reading the post). I will give u some advice.

    1. If u want it to work for cheap, here is what u need.

    -a basic wet kit (nx 75 wet is what u should get )
    -a nitrous bottle heater(turns on and off automatically)
    -on bottle pressure gauge (to know if u even have any nitrous left)
    - 1 step colder plugs (autolite 764's)
    - a chip would be nice (fordchip)
    - push button set up

    You don't have to worry about spraying past redline if u miss a gear because you can't push the button if ur shifting the gears(get it?). That is the safety precaution.

    Make sure u set it up so u use ur right hand to push the nitrous button. (if u use ur left hand to steer and do nitrous....well bad things could happen)

    We did entire install including spark plugs in an hour and 45 minutes. (quite a simple install)

    Btw, on the nozzle mounting position, use ur best judgement. I originally thought where i put mine was a bad spot but I have no come to believe it is actually better this way. (i mounted mine kind of far away from the tb). I believe this way is safer becuase you get a better mix and as long as u don't spray at idle u won't get puddling or anything like that.

    Its not legal to have a working nitrous system on the street here in texas. You can have a nitrous system but u cannot have the line hooked up to the bottle. (i guess its the same as georgia)
  9. You can have a working nitrous kit hooked up and ready to burn here. North Dakota sticks, YEAH BABY!!!!

    Whats funny is the cops here would be like, WTF is that???. I'd just tell them its my O2 tank for when i start getting affixiated. :rlaugh:
  10. I'm still paying bills or I'd have one in already...:(
  11. if i wasnterent (lol) 16 i would get one... and if i ever raced... (a la tracko)
  12. ganador if you have a wet kit why would there be a nozzle in the intake wouldn't you just hook it up to the fuel rail?
  13. This is what we call a shark nozzle system. If you hook it directly into the fuel rail its called direct port. (i might be mistaken on this one though. Im not sure if direct port is part of fuel rail or seperate taps.)

    That system ur looking at...its a shark nozzle system...
  14. what do you mean by shark nozzle?
  15. the nozzle is shaped like a shark fin. traditional nozzle were cylindrical. Direct port systems you drill and tap into your engine. It doesn't go on your fuel rail, although there is a piggy back nozzle that hooks into your existing injectors on your rail that like direct port, or AKA fogger system. I hope I explained that simply enough...:)
  16. It is also the name brand that NX has patented thier nozzle as the "Shark". That is really all it is.

    Yes, it is a wet system and thus introducing fuel/nitrous into the intake after the MAF
  17. haha, my car will pwn urs...(i dont know where that came from...don't ask)
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