Nitto 555 wider than Sumitomo's

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94-302-vert, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Warning for anyone putting Nitto tires on their cars... A Nitto 555 in a 315/35/17 is wider than a Sumitomo ZR in a 315/35/17... Substantially wider. I didn't measure but looks by about an inch....

    I drove 18k miles with no rubbing at all on the Sumitomo's. Put the Nitto's on today (not the DR) and they are rubbing and they just LOOK wider... I clearanced at least another 1/4" and they still rub a little bit...

    Just a warning that if you make the switch make sure you are able to do some needed clearancing quickly if needed.

    I always bring wheels to the tire shop so I just pulled back into the driveway and had at it with a hammer for a few minutes.... :D
  2. My experience has always been that the Nitto *drag radials* run narrower than a similarly sized tire. Especially narrower than the Sumitomo.

  3. Maybe but the 555 radial is huge. I went this route due to the excellent (for this sixe tire) treadwear rating....
  4. I have the 555 drag radials and have no issues with rubbing but they do look HUGE