No quad shocks = super bad wheel hop.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by billison, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Just being anal..
  2. The Gabriel 14039's are direct factory replacement, and look just like the factory units, and work just like the factory units, unlike some like Monroe who simply re-purpose trailer shocks. Paint them red if it makes you feel better ;)
  3. So the Monroe's would be more of an upgrade?
  4. id prefer them to be black, indescrete
  5. really? do you have proof of this cause ive sold and used monroes for years with no issues.
  6. Monroe has ALWAYS made a product far superior to OEM. They may not be up to your kidney shaking race standards, but I have waranteed Gabriels for good reason. I have not waranteed Monroes except for one set broken off road in a 4x4.
  7. How'd you read that? The answer is no, they suck for this particular application.
  8. Yes, I actually worked with Monroe for several years. I've watched their lead engineer tune shocks by hand, and I used to get Monroe products for free. The sad reality is, their quad shocks are nothing more than a shock they have in their catalog for some other application that happens to fit this one too, dimensionally, but it's not valved right for the job. I'd usually recommend Monroe over Gabriel for any given application, but in this case, having used both on my own car, there is no comparison. The Monroe quad shocks are junk, and the Gabriel 14039's work as intended. They're the only Gabriel product I recommend, for anything, but I recommend their quads because...they work.. And they work really well.
  9. Thats interesting. but still doesn't change my opinion on them i just used them all around on mine with no issues. though i do not run a quad on my stock suspension car but then again i dont have issues with wheel hop either.

  10. Sorry, I misread it. Getting the Gabriel's and calling it a day.
  11. My mounts got here yesterday . I'll be ordering the quads soon and hoping for the best.
  12. Sorry about the old bump but I like closure on postings.

    Got my quads installed, got some blue ones locally for super cheap with a parts lot. Wheel hop is gone.

    Also I'm running. 275/40 /17X9 cobra r's and they fit just fine, I flipped them just in case.
  13. Thanks for the conformation of the fix for your problem. The dice rolled in you favor when you did the right thing...