Noob from MI, Going back to work at Ford

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Duhh001, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Going back to work at Ford Motor Company, so time to pick up a newer Mustang. Looking for a 2006 or newer GT with some serious HP potential.

  2. Welcome to StangNet!
  3. :welcome: Just curious why would you need a stang just to work at ford....
  4. I think it's the law.
  5. why not a focus or a fiesta :shrug:
  6. He doesn't want to get beat up on his first day.:D
  7. Who's going to beat him up in a ride like that new fiesta, green with some off the wall wack interior....
  8. who wouldnt beat him up
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  9. I wouldn't I thnk we all need a tree hugger in the work center that drives a vehicle like a fiesta, so we can all make jokes and all that fun stuff about him....Then while were filling up are gas tanks everyweek, we'll all be thinking only if we had his gas mileage as the prices continue to rise
  10. congrats on the job! Hope you find your car too.:nice: