Nose swap

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  1. Hey all was just trying to get somemore info.
    I read somewhere here i thought today!!! Anyways about a sn95 nose on a fox.
    Was really hoping to get some pics if anyone has got any just want to see what looks like.
    Was actually thinking about doing it if it is easy and will work with out any extreme mods got a body wrecked 97.
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  2. Yes it has been done. No it won't bolt up, even a good body shop would have to spend alot of time fabricating.
  3. if it ahs been done do you know were i can go to see a pic of what it looks like
  4. Do a search. It was really just a Ford concept hybrid, although I think the yellow one was private and custom. It looks goofy in my opinion, actually.

  5. sigh... old news. over $20k in bodywork alone.

  6. I'm at school, I didn't have the pic readily accessible. :)

  7. :jaw:
  8. That looks pretty sweet!!!
    Dont't have 20K i was looking at the photo and definitly alot of work.

    Thanks!!!!! :jaw: :nice:
  9. All I know is if I had 20 G's to burn, I would definately do that!! I dont think it looks goofy at all, I think it looks sweet. Do you have any info about the car?