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  1. We bought a '12 Mustang GT premium, Brembo pkg w/ 3.73 in July and it has been in the shop 6 times and about to go back. The most recent problems are rear brake squeal, of which it has been in 4 times and about to go back again. But the major problem this past visit was rear end whine. They replaced the ring and pinion, which seemed to correct the problem until we heard it again on a Sunday cruise. We left to go to dinner this evening and heard a loud noise from the rear, unlike anything we have heard before. Sounds like both axles are about to leave the car, and we never got above 20mph. I'm calling the dealer in the morning to come and pick it up. At this point, I'm not sure I want it back.
  2. Any ideas on the excesive rear brake squeal cause? That's a weird one.
  3. Don't know? It happens under light braking. They have turned the rotors, replaced pads due to uneven wear two times. I'm fed up! Car only has about 7,000 miles. More concerning is the rear end. I'm going to file a complaint under the Texas lemon law!
  4. I dunno the whole story but I'd probably do exactly that. Make them replace the car with one that doesn't suck.
  5. My 08 GT had a very similar problem. Ford rebuilt the rear end(replaced all the guts in the differential) and added a friction modifier. When I picked the car up the brakes made noise so I took it back a week later. Ford replaced the rear rotors, calipers and pads.....never had a problem again. If I were you I would ask to have all of the suspect components replaced. Its funny how some dealers just fix the problem and others seem to just milk Ford for repair after repair....
  6. This is really worrying me about buying a 2012 GT Premium now. From what I have read there have been numerous issues with it.
  7. You have to remember that this is the internet...Ford sells nearly 7000 mustangs a month...very few have problems relative to the number produced. Problems get magnified by vocal complaints placed on multiple boards. Keep in mind that many of the problems have to do with the owners, the dealers and the perception of problems supported by random internet postings. Buy the car from a good dealer and enjoy it.
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  8. Hi bbb455,

    I'm sorry to learn of your frequent dealer visits, I know how frustrating that can be! Please PM me your VIN, contact information, mileage, & servicing dealer name/state so I can help.

    Hey Doubleb0924,

    There's no need to be concerned. As mustangford289 posted, issues represented here are only a small amount of Mustang owners. Have you ordered your 2012 yet? If so, PM me the order number and dealer name/state so I can keep you up-to-date on the status. :)

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  9. Trust me when I say that the problems we have had with our Mustang have nothing to do with the owner. It has been the car. But, I will say that we know several others that have purchased 2011 and 2012 GT Premiums that have not had an issue at all with their car and they love them.
  10. We know several others that have bought 2011 and 2012 GT Premiums that have not had a problem at all with their vehicle. I think we just got one that has issues. But I'm sure Ford will make it right.
  11. Hey bbb not saying it was you....just pointing out that sometimes it is a problem caused by the owner...Not meaning in this case specifically. I just see many Mustang posts saying this or that happened when it is obviously caused by abuse...

    I had the same problem as you at one point due to no fault of my own....I feel your pain. Hopefully it all goes well for you.
  12. Thanks, it's been frustrating, but I'm sure that the problems will be made right.
  13. It seems that Ford will do the right thing here. I feel very comfortable knowing that there is a Ford customer service representative on this fourm and willing to do whatever possible to make sure our concerns gets taken care of. I will definitely be purchasing a ford as my next vehicle. BBB455 please keep us updated on your situation.
  14. I'm not sure how to PM you with the info. I'm not the primary user of this account, my husband is. Please advise how to PM, thanks.
  15. From my search last night for "2012 Mustang rear brake noise" I didn't get very many results. All of them were related to brake noise that went away after just a couple stops. They said it was caused by the rotors rusting over so fast while not being used.
  16. Terrific! Keep me posted on your shopping adventures, and let me know if I can help find your ideal 'Stang.

    bbb455 - I see Noobz347 answered your question on PMing, and it went through to my inbox. I'll be working on it shortly. Thanks!

  17. Natasha, I don't want to post personal info on a general discussion thread. Do you have a number I can contact you at?
  18. Exactly how bad is the break squeal? A little squeal once in a while under light braking could just be the nature of the Brembos and the pad material in them.

    As for the rear end, if you've been in having the dealer working back there, it is possible your problem may be a bad service department, not necessarily a bad car. Have you tried a different dealer for any of these repair attemps, or always the same one?
  19. We have brake squeal everytime we touch the brakes, and it comes from the rears. We have 4 vehicles, the Mustang being the newest and the oldest is a 71 Skylark, but none squeal, except the Mustang. We had a 45 min meeting with the service dept manager last evening and he was unaware of much of the situation, but gauranteed he would take care of it. He didn't had much ass left afterwards.