Notchback's Aye Or Nay?

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  1. The notchback's hold the cars rear shape better because of the design of the rear section. Small, stationary rear glass and rear trunk area promote a far more rigid platform and don't have near as much lateral flex.

    The large opening at the rear of the hatch promotes a lot of lateral body flex. There is literally a nearly 4'x4' square of unsupported open area there. Open your hatch, then jack up one corner of the rear of the car, the try closing it again. The striker actually shifts a few millimeters out of alignment because of the flex. Your hatch actually helps hold the shape of the rear section. This is one more reason I'm not a fan of fiberglass hatches on street cars. They just don't promote the strength that steel does.
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  2. 4 eye FTMFW
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  3. Ah thanks, I was actually thinking about a fiberglass hatch but the more I hear about them the less I think it's worth. Has anyone ever welded a bar(s) across the hatch to help prevent flex? I'm sure it wouldn't be practical or pleasing to the eye, just a curious thought.
  4. My requirements for a notch if i were to get one.

    Would need the molding painted same color, sunroof/T-top, upgraded interior and nice wheels with FAT ASS rear tires :nice: ...that's just me.
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  5. The '86 can sometimes have the black molding but other than that, they just LQQK better with same color with no pin stripe IMO.
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  6. I like aero notch backs but, REALLY LOVE 4 eye hatch's
  7. I've owned 2 notches and 2 hatches, with the current one a notch. The notches handle better, and are lighter, which makes them quicker, but there have been plenty of times I wished it was a hatch so I could haul things bigger than a brief case in it. Looks are subjective....
  8. Owned fox notches, hatchbacks, and converts. I'm a ragtop guy but I loved my 85 notch. It felt tighter and quieter than the other two. My only complaint- it was a **** loading slicks, a jack, tools. etc. when I went to the track vs. the hatchback.
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  9. I don't agree that the hatch holds the shape of the rear anymore than a bolt in subframe connector ties the subframes together. It may stay closed if you jack it up, but only because the latch is binding against the striker. In any form it is a flimsy piece held on by three attachment points that will flex and bounce around whichever way the chassis twists.

    I do agree with your (well documented) point about the general design of the notch vs. the hatch. It all goes out the window once you add a roll cage, of course.

    In general, I think it is a personal preference thing. The notch is a little bit lighter and stiffer in factory form, but also a little worse in the aero department. The looks are subjective - I prefer the sleeker look of the hatch myself. I also prefer the car in GT trim rather than LX trim. The Fox GT just looks far more aggresive to me than the LX. The LX (and the notch in particular) are pretty pedestrian to me, without any flair. Great for the sleeper look, though.
  10. How do you feel about the convertibles as I am in the market for a new fox? Seems there's nothing but convertibles for sale right now, fairly priced too.
  11. Back in the late 80s and early 90s I used to think they looked like Chrysler K Cars and did not like them, but over time I have turned to like them very much!
  12. A couple of companies out there (Kenny Brown, Maximum Motorsports, etc) still make bolt on rear strut tower braces for the Fox bodies. They're not a cure all, but they'll help to some degree. More so on a hatch back than a coupe. A roll cage pretty much solves all of your flex issues. :D

    Three attachment points are better than no attachment points. While I agree that a hatch isn't going to stop the flex, it will reduce it to some degree. Ever grab an old suit case, or lunch box by opposite corners and twist back and forth while it was open? Now close the lid (that's held on with two hinges and a latch, much like the Mustang) and give it a try. Not quite as easy is it.

    For however flimsy the car remains with the steel hatch, it will be even more so with the fiberglass one on there. At least the steel hatch itself holds a more rigid shape. Add a fiberglass...or even worse yet, a fiberglass hatch with a lexan window and you might as well just be running none at all.

    Besides....when reducing weight, the last play I'd want to take it off is over the back wheels of a car that's already got a reputation for getting "squirrely" when the power is on. :D
  13. the only body style mustangs i dont like are the convertibles, i just dont like ragtops. but i will take a nice notch in a heartbeat.
  14. Thank you sir.
  15. I've owned 2 hatches, an SN95 and I currently own a notch. I don't really care for the hatches anymore but I love how light my notch is. BUT, if I could have an SN95 that's as light as my notch and keep all of the other features of the SN95 I would be in Mustang owner bliss. Just my opinion. :shrug:
  16. I totally agree. I owned an SN95 GT, my fox and a 2011 V6. Love the looks of the SN95 but damn its heavy.
  17. The 15 is 200# lighter. Just saying..?:chin
  18. 200# lighter than the SN95 GT????:scratch:
  19. I like both the Notch's and the Hatch's. I owned a 1990 LX 5.0 Hatch and loved that car. It depends on how the car is presented with accessories. My favorite looks for a Notch is with some nice 17 or 18" wheels, 4" cowl hood. and NO SPOILERS on a Notch. a Hatch I like the LX 5.0's the way they are and for the GT's its pretty much a must for a Cobra style rear bumper, wasn't much of a fan of the stock GT rear bumpers.
  20. That's what they're reporting. Idk for sure. Interesting though