O.T. (Thank you Mr. Greenspan)

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  1. Here I am planning for my retirement in the near future after working more than 30 years and this is the thanks I get. I wonder if Mr. Greenspan will cut his own benefits?

  2. Wow! Maybe they should consider keeping to a balanced budget as an alternative...

    Makes you go Hmmmmmmmmmmm...
  3. Did you see the poll results on that site? 86% against. lol
  4. Yeah, that sucks. Simple truth is though, I will retire in 15 to 20 years and I am not expecting social security being there. Hopefully, wife's and my 401ks and company retirement plan will be enough. But if that does not pan out, I guess I'll work til I die. :(
  5. Maybe they should look into SENSIBLE ways to trim the budget, like cutting foreign aid, sensible domestic spending, and good old COMMON SENSE, not politics as usual.

    I wonder how Ross Perot would have handled this....
  6. Just heard this on the radio and it really made my day since I'm about 2 years from collecting SS and don't want to think about having to work till I'm 70 or whatever.

    Accepted a part time job yesterday when I decided to come out of a semi-retired life and was hoping to only do it for a coupla years. This looks like a key issue for me in the elections in 2004.
  7. There is a more simple way to fix all of this. All you have to do is yank the golden fleece retirement policy (if you don't know, don't ask, it'll just make you madder) out from under all these politicians and let them actually pay into and collect from SS themselves. Then watch how quickly the system fixes itself.
  8. ^*&%&^% piss me off. By the time I'm old enough to retire, SS will be something you read about in history class-forget how much I frickin pay into it every damn week! I can only WISH there was such a thing as a pension plan still-401k, yeah right. I can afford about 20/week into it-that'll really pay for medication and property taxes. Oh, yeah, and food for two people :rolleyes:
  9. Amen to that...most people don't understand that simple point. And nor do I understand why all these pols need to make so much money in congress( somewhere over $200k a year at last count, not including perks), when most of them are wealthy to start anyway. No one who's had to really work for a living has a chance of making it into the capitol anyway.
  10. Consider yourself lucky. You pay in for 30 years and get SOMETHING unlike me who has already paid FICA for 25 years and in another 20 years will get squat.

    They say that in 10 years there will be more taking out than there are putting in, add to that the fact that the fund never existed and has been squandered since inception and it is the ponzi scheme from hell!
  11. Sounds good but...

    "Entitlements" are almost 60% of the federal budget, that is money that is paid out to voters for their vote. You could wipe out all discretionary spending, all military, all foreign aid, all highway/bridge/buidling projects, all law enforcement, all intelleigence, all space and science, all education and every other "project" and still not balance the budget. Until we get a group of people/voters who are willing to have their government paycheck (which is nothing more than the money taken out of those few who work for private enterprise paychecks) cut the whole thing is doomed.