O2 Sensor Hyundai, Need help fast!

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by 98E9GT, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Ok, I tried removing the o2 sensor in a friends hyndai. I tried and tried and the thing wouldnt budge at all. And I have very little room to work with. The electric fans limit my wrench movement. Do I just need to soak it in PB Blaster or what? Thanks

    Oh yeah the car is a 05 Elantra.
  2. If you intend to reuse the 02 sensor i do not recomend spraying it with pb-blaster. I have been told that the chemicals can mess with the internal workings of the sensor.

    I aways had problems like this at work till i got an o2 sensor wrench kit from snap-on tools. They were $$$ but they really help get into tight places and still get good torque on the wrench.
  3. why are you trying to remove the sensor? is it tripping an O2 sensor code? even if there is a code for the O2 sensor, it could be just a dirty mass airflow sensor. try pulling that out and cleaning it with carb cleaner and reset the light (advance auto can do this) if the mass air sensor isnt reading properly, the air/fuel mixture will be off and that will be picked up in the exhaust by the O2 sensor which will trip the code

    if there is another reason, let us know. otherwise find the biggest breaker bar you can find and put alot of ass into it, haha
  4. What I did is by using an 02 sensor socket. Try to use a 22mm wrench to get it off. Spraying it down with pb blaster will be great.

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