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  1. can someone explain the purpose of the od function.. leave on leave off... I shut traction control off most the time in the car but do you also turn off od or leave on.. purpose of this button and what you do with it would be greatly apprciated
  2. Iirc, the button is to shut off the overdrive (4th gear) for passing on the highway and what not, like shifting from 5th (overdrive) to 4th when passing on the highway with a manual transmission.
    You should leave it alone for the most part.

    Edit, just to clarify.
    When you start the car, overdrive is on by default.
    Meaning it will shift into 4th (overdrive) gear while cruising, lowering the engine rpm and getting better fuel mileage.

    When you shut overdrive off (overdrive icon illuminated) it will not shift into 4th (overdrive) your rpm will remain high, and you'll get horrible fuel mileage.

    Shutting the overdrive off (overdrive icon illuminated) is only for when extra acceleration is needed.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, its been years since my auto to manual conversion.

  3. so what your saying is everyday driving leave it on but if I decide to do a pull against someone shut traction control and od off and I will gain>?
  4. I've had my tranny built and before the Dyno tune my OD would come in way to early so I left mine off most the time to keep from snapping my neck. But stick with what Davis3 says, passing on freeway etc. Under normal driving conditions leave it be. If youre at the 1/4 track turn it off.
  5. Its not that you'll gain anything but most times under wot (wide open throttle) your car will shift into OD before redline. So yes, figuritivly speaking if making a freeway pull turn OD off. But for everyone's safety no need to go that fast.
  6. Just leave it alone. Lol
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  7. +1

    Leave it alone. Without it, your car only has 3 gears and they are pretty shallow gears. Your gas mileage will take a major dump and you will not gain ANY performance. I have an auto.....for the love of GOD, leave it alone.
  8. +1 leave it alone for most driving.

    The exception is pulling a heavy load in very steep grades. Turn if off keep from burning up the lock up torque converter when the load is such that the transmission is shifting in/out of lock up mode on too frequent basis.

    Just wondering how many Mustang drivers are out there pulling a trailer in mountain terrain?

    Short answer is use it to prevent too frequent switching of the lock up torque converter. If short cycling is allowed to continue it will burn up the lock up torque converter.