Off Road H-pipe

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  3. Guess i should of added i have some amazon gift cards that would make it free so wanted to know if there was a performance/sound difference and while im at it was going to order the K&N 57-2519-3 FIPK CAI
  4. I had a Mac OR on my old 96GT. I liked it. But go to Ford and get an OEM exhaust gasket. The one Mac provides is crap and WILL leak after a year.

    H-pipe sounds are about the same across brands. The sound differences come when you swap an X-pipe or a Prochamber.
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  5. I think im going to grab the BBK one just because i can get it for free in Giftcards, But do i just

    Need 2 for this end 03-19-2014-7E1d10.png
    and the other 2 for this end 03-19-2014-8U9L2L.png

    For the Gaskets, not sure if bbk even comes with them or not, Also does ford dealerships usually stock thoes?
  6. no gasket required for a ball and socket connection
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  7. Is your car equipped with long tubes?
  8. Nah its the stock manifold, was thinking about doing long tubes but 500+ bucks rather put that in gears

    also already ordered the one from amazon will be here tomorrow <3 Amazon prime
  9. Is this right?


    Where it goes to the manifold
  10. Yep
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  11. Have fun installing it, I have changed out my mid pipe so many times I can do it in 30 minutes.
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  12. The gasket goes on the right (pic) or passenger side......
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  13. Lol hopefully goes fast with a lift, gonna soak the spray all the bolts the night before i do it..

    Do most ford dealership stock that part? also just curious whats retail or the known cost from a dealership for them?
  14. If Ford dealerships don't have one in stock, Felpro makes one you should be able to get at most parts stores.
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  15. Auto zone O'Reillys advanced should have it in stock or maybe an over night wait
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  16. Got the part at ford with my discount for 9 bucks they had to order it but came in the next morning

  17. That's a keeper