Official Tremec 3650 Issues Thread

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Twisted, May 27, 2003.

  1. After reading several threads on this board as well as others. It is apparent that the Tremec 3650 Transmission has a known flaw. You can call it 1-2nd grind/clunk, cold gear clash, bent shift forks, whatever it is, it seems that Ford Dealers are told to tell you that "It's Normal"

    I would like to get a list going of everyone that is experiencing difficulties. It is a long shot, but if we get enough people gathered maybe Ford will do something. Strength in Numbers.

    I'll start the list:
    Name Vehicle First Noticed Problems

    Jason Prokosch 2002 Mustang GT 8000miles
  2. we need to start a big lawsuit against them is what we need
  3. 2002 GT 4900 miles, destroyed 2nd gear. Ford replaced the tranny no questions asked. New tranny has 12,000 miles and is grinding the 1st/2nd shift again.
  4. <-no problems :shrug:
  5. 2001 Bullitt #02385

    1st rebuilt- 1/2 synchro :(
    2nd rebuilt bend fork :(

    and still as 1-2 gear crunch :nonono:
    i wont talk about cold performance :mad: :puke:
  6. 15K on it quite a few launches on slicks, no 1-2 gear grind, perfect synchros but cracked bellhousing!:shrug:
  7. 2003 GT
    12,500 VERY HARD MILES

    Nothing is wrong whatsoever, it takes everything i throw at it...cold shifts are as good as when the engine is warm

  8. Just problems please

    Can we just post people with problems?
  9. Mine during the winter here in Jax was a little tough from 1st to second but never would grind. Since the weather here has gotten warm haven't had a problem since.
  10. Just got mine back today, but it wasn't because of a 1-2 grind. Mine blew the 3rd gear synchro, shiftfork, gear and bushings. Ford refused to replace the tranny. However if everyone is having problems with the 1-2 grind in the newer ones, then I'm glad they just repaired mine. Mine was most likely caused by a misshift, but I still think it's a POS!
  11. My car received it's second 5spd at 200 miles (under warrenty thank God), the replacement tranny grinds 2nd and is hard to get into 3rd (especially at high RPMs). I called my dealer and Ford and both gave me the run around. I've learned to live with it until a class action lawsuit is filed! :mad:
  12. I've heard from some guys in my area that changing the fluid to a good synthetic tranny fluid has cured alot of the 1st - 2nd problems.

  13. Same here....
  14. Steve Sheaffer, 03 GT, lost 2nd @ 3800 miles. Also lost a clutch @ 2600 miles, WTF Ford??? :mad:
  15. Re: Just problems please

    i dont see the point...then ya get the problems and it seems like everyone has the same problems and they happen all the time. all i hear is bad stuff about the 3650. i want people to know it can be a good tranny. maybe ford worked out all the issues by now?
  16. 02 GT. 24k on the odometer. No problems whatsoever and we had some COLD weather this past winter in Connecticut. Alway shifted into gear with no problems. Yeah second is notchy, that has never gone away but it never grinded. I wouldn't call it the crispest manual I have ever shifter but it's pretty close. I'm still running the stock shifter and factory gear oil. :shrug:
  17. noisy throw out bearing here.
  18. Check out for more info on the 3650. Looks like TREMEC has updated the site and now includes an excellent service manual in PDF format on the trans. Full disassembly and assembly instructions with pictures, troubleshootin, etc. There is a lot of engineering in these transmissions with LOTS of parts. There is a full exploded view of the transmission in the manual. Pretty interesting stuff.
  19. Occasional grind from the 1-2. Slight bump also to the 2-3.
    2001 GT.
    Edit: I have the T-45, still have those problems ^
  20. Yeah, I got the 1-2 grind when cold. 2003 GT, 2200 miles.

    Took it in for warranty, they said they couldn't duplicate the problem and they supposedly followed my instructions to get the problem to show.