Official Tremec 3650 Issues Thread

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  1. Wow... yeah today's fix on current production cars would read

    Step 1: Remove transmission

    Step 2: put new transmission in

    Step 3: give back to customer

    I wouldn't be surprised if the cost of labor to rebuild the transmission is more than what the new transmissions now cost.
  2. Wow, not sure how I missed this. My 2004 Crimson Red GT Conv. has ~11,500 miles on it. Even with high ambient temps (80F+), it is tough to get into first out of the garage and clunks/grinds into second until the powertrain warms up.

    The MTX-75 in my SVT Contour does this too (with ambient under 60F)...and it has 139,000 miles, so some issues are expected.

    This is a bull**** issue to have on a practically new car based on mileage. I am forced to double clutch until it gets warmed up, so it is obvious that the synchro is having trouble with fluid temps(?).
  3. I had my 3650 rebuilt by D&D back in February with their yk6 kit. So far everything has been great. No grinds what so ever.
  4. Well its spring and i DID NOT GET TO THE TRANS!!!! Grr....Do you mind me asking who did the work and how much??? I just changed the motor oil last week and i only put 2600 miles in 12 months. Thanks in advance....

  5. D&D did the work on the trans. Walsh Motorsports (located in the same building) pulled the trans and installed my Fidanza flywheel and a "super" King Cobra clutch and put the trans back in.

    The yk6 kit was $650 + $350 labor. They ended up replacing another part in the trans too that they said needed to be replace and that was $200.

    Walsh charged me $350 labor and the clutch was $250 iirc. Too lazy to go get the receipts.
  6. Thanks for the info.....seems that's the going rate here in Chicago
  7. @ Instock 02 how long did it take? I might take a road trip from Chicago.
  8. Mine was also harsh shifting to second. I recently replaced the clutch and we also removed the plate on top that the shifted goes through. There was "gunk" caked up on the plate around the shifted. We cleaned all that out and I can now shift from first to second using two fingers. This may not be everyones problem, but it sure fixed mine.
  9. Tremec Junk

    Well synchro or bent fork on 2002 gt !!Come on FORD do something these things cost to much to rebuild . !!!!!!:mad: what ever happened to a good ole top loader ??? anyone got a step by step , rebuild written down for us yard dogs.
  10. UPDATE: Trans has been great so far. No grinding at all. Shifts smoothly every time except when the clutch cable loosens up. Once every thing is set right its great.

    Sorry for the late response, but it took around a week to complete because the parts were on back order.
  11. Solved

    Well my 3rd 4th issue turned out to be worn syncros rings. I replaced all rings, while I had it apart. The rattle that I hear while in gear was the throwout bearing. I replaced the clutch about 10k ago and well I replaced it with a HD unit from ford racing. As for fluid I use Mercon have had no issues as of yet.

    The whole enchilada right there.
  13. Anyone with the D&D YK6 set ups have any updates? Second gear still working good? Second in mine is.pretty much usless now. Grinds up, grinds down. Going this route if the reviews are good, and they seem to be. Thanks.

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  14. I had my transmission repaired as soon as they come out with the fix for it, and never had a grinding issue since. I have an MGW short throw shifter on it too. I love it. It's much better than the stock shifter.
  15. That's the friction modifier for the limited slip diff. But I could see where it may rehab the synchros. I'll give it a shot. The only thing I have to lose is rebuilding the tranny which is what I'm going to have to do one day. Let's see if this prolongs that.
  16. In my 2003 Mach 1, one day would not shift/downshift into 3rd with 85,500 miles. Bought a crate 3650 form a FF&MM vendor, at 110, 895 would not shift at all, rebuilt first one and installed with all new stuff (in between had 2 TOB go bad), at 115, 070 complete clutch failure(CenterForce Gold Dual Fritction) , lasted 29, 570 miles, (this is a DD), replaced with Zoom Stage 1, Ford Billet flywheel, cable, etc. Since then no issue (Had a real bad tranny year, 4 install/remove and two tranny's)
    Note: Mechanic put straight synthtic fluid in tranny and I think that is what ruined it, use Pennzoil syncromesh now, very quiet, doesn't run as cool as when I ran Royal Purple, but the Purple gave off an odor I could smell in the car.

  17. Still going strong! Its been over two years now since the trans has been fixed and ive had 0 problems with it! The car has been supercharged as well for a year making 400rwtq.

    Well worth the money I spent to rebuild.
  18. My Mach 1 has 14,000 easy miles on it with an MGW shifter & its fine.......but I drive it easy compared to a lot of young people.....sounds like a lot of guys drive them too hard like they are a heavy duty race car......they are a performance street car.....if you take care of them & use common sense they will last!
  19. I've not had a problem since swapping to a TKO600. Close ratio gearing did it for me. If I didn't hate the 3650's gearing, I would fixed and stayed with it.