Official Tremec 3650 Issues Thread

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  1. My '04 3650 did the same thing. It is now broken though.
  2. yea mine does the same thing as urs. but mainly with "gear rollover" mine usually only does it after ive been driving the **** out of it.
  3. Sounds like they took you for a ride... sorry bud.
  4. Since I just read 20 pages of this endless post and I still don't have a good feel for this... does anyone know how to post a Poll? If you do, can you start a new thread with a simple Poll, something like this:

    Which fluid do you feel works best in your 3650?
    ATF synthetic
    ATF non-synthetic
    MTF synthetic
    MTF non-synthetic

    Just to see which is preferred by the majority of us. I switched from mercon ATF to purple mtf and although it seems like most people go the opposite route, I had great results. We have 70+pages of posts so I'm sure if only 10% of us respond to the Poll we will get some solid results.
  5. The 3650 was designed to use Mercon ATF. I am using Redline High Temp ATF in my 2007 3650 with excellent results in cold weather and hot weather.
  6. My problem is that on quick shifts from 3rd to 4th, the tranny grinds. There is a rattle noise that occurs when you are shifting out of 4th at any speed over 70mph. 5th works great. I have it out of the car now. I will try to give updates.
  7. I am with you. My 02 has 75K and until I read this I just thought that the S.O.B that owned it before me beat the crap out of it. 1st to 2nd even in warm weather, but cold engine, will grind or be difficult. In cold weather and cold engine conditions it's even worse. I changed the fluid to a synthetic like the guy above mentioned and there was no change noticed. With all these problems Ford should be handing out 6spd's for replacements! LOL
  8. 02

    My 02 has the same issues. Tried synthetic fluid and it didn't help.
  9. One other question. Did any of you guys buy an aftermarket rebuild kit, i.e. upgraded gears and synchros, and if so did it fix the problem?
  10. 2004 gt 94,000 no second gear 4&5 have chattering soud
  11. My trans is ****ed now. I started experiencing the 2nd gear grind earlier this year. So I just skipped 2nd and went straight to 3rd. Sometimes I could get it into 2nd with no grinding at all if I winded out 1st and shifted into 2nd like I was racing someone, other times it would grind like a mofo and lock me out. I could also shift into 2nd at a dead stop and take off.

    Now if I put it in 2nd while the car is stopped and slowly let the clutch out I get grinding and thats it. Im either going to rebuild this trans with the D&D YK6 upgrade kit or swap to a T-56. Ive talked to D&D since their only about 15 minutes from my house. $650 for the parts and $350 for the labor to have it installed. Im not sure if thats them pulling the trans out or me bringing it in.

    Im just not sure if I should spend $2500 on a new T56 plus all the other parts ill need for the swap.

    D&D Performance - YK6 1-2, 3-4 Upgrade Kit
  12. Bullitt 322

    Got a 2001 Bullitt with the common 2nd gear problem, pops out, grinds, etc. Any cures?
  13. Im having my trans fixed with that kit end of November or early December. While its out Im replacing the flywheel with a Fidanza aluminum one and the clutch with a Ram HDX
  14. I've got a rebulit 3650 with maybe 5,000 miles on it and 2nd gear is a hassle in warm and cold. I usually skip it.
  15. See thats what im worried about. Does your trans have the revised parts in it?

    I didnt have any troubles with my trans at all. Then I was doing donuts and it wouldnt go in 2nd so I jammed it in there and thats when my grinding started.
  16. 03 gt 5spd and ford oil additive.

    I have a stock 03 gt, 84k and 1st to 2nd was sticky. took to ford had them change fluid using mercon. made no diff. then got to talking to a repair guy there who had an 02 gt and he said he had the same problem and used a ford oil additive that an older coworker told him about and now its smooth. I bought XL-3 ADDITIVE - OIL for $7.15. Smelled like old gear oil and looked gritty. Took it home poured it in and walah! no mo 1 to 2 sticky. 5k miles later still smooth. Anyone heard of this additive. I looked at the invoice and all it has for part#/description is XL-3 ADDITIVE - OIL. The guy said this ford product not in any ford manual or proceedures from ford. just an old timers trick. worked for me so far.
  17. Hey guys, i wish i noticed this problem before i bought my mustang. Last week i bought a 2004 GT with 55k miles. My dad test drove it and didnt notice any problems, i guess both of us not being regular manual drivers we thought it was merely driver error. Has Ford made any statements on this issue? I only made it to 10 pages and stopped reading, pretty frustrated. If Ford refuses to recognize the problem what are our possible solutions other than replacing the trans? How often would you guys think this problem can go on before wearing out the transmission parts? thanks
  18. 2003 GT grind video and fix

    Hey guys... I have a 2003 GT that just had that 2nd gear grind problem fixed and here's how!

    I had a grind from 1st into 2nd gear that was very pronounced when my trans was cold. Thankfully it was under warranty, and after a huge amt of hassle it got fixed (had to threaten to sue the dealership before they would work on it). If it wasn't under warranty it would have been about a $2400 dollar fix. It was a 2nd gear synchro issue. Attached is the TSB. Good luck to all of you who have a similar issue on your 01-04 GT's! :nice:

    Here is the TSB that fixes it...

    Video of grind. Turn up volume to hear.YouTube - IMG_0184.MOV
  19. Your lucky to have under warranty ... Quite expensive this kit by Ford . D&D have a Kit to upgrade to 2004 any 2001-2003 TR3650 .