Official Tremec 3650 Issues Thread

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Twisted, May 27, 2003.

  1. My 02 GT trans is perfect, no complaints. I got the car with 27,000 miles and now i have 50k even on it. But if it ever does go out on me, i'll be upgrading to a T56 :nice:
  2. 1st to 2nd always crappy, feels like I am grinding gears. Alots of grining noise. I put purple in the tranny and it does help and it does not feel like its grinding as bad
  3. Been Grinding into third gear for 7 months of hard driving. it has yet to explode.

    Only time will tell
  4. I just posted a thread about this.

    Ford has a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for the TR3650 transmission. Specifically 2001-2003 Mustangs. There is a kit #3R3Z-7124-AC. The Dealer, as well as the 1-800 number Customer Service Repreasntative, refused to fix the problem free of charge. Customer Service said they were "unable to help me at this time". The dealer wants $2,800 to rebuild and instal the ransmission.

    I believe that this is a Ford defect. The TR3650 transmission replaced the T45 mid-year 2001.

    My car was built in July 2001.

    All new products have bugs when first intrduced.

    Ford should fix the problem and learn from it.

    I'm extremely angree with Ford now.
  5. Update;

    I called Ford Custonmer Service again today at 10;35 A.M. and asked to speak to their Supervisor. I was told that there was no Supervisor, and that A Supervisor should call me within 2 business days (Tues).

    There are Lemon Laws to protect consumers. Does anyone think this transmission issue applies?

    Any one tried the Better Business Bureau?
  6. You won't win on the lemon law because Ford didn't try to fix anything. The law is 3 attempts to fix the same problem. Did the dealer tell you it was "normal" problem to 3 lemon.

    I suggest trying a couple different Ford dealers. Hopefully one of them will do the TSB for you. Good Luck.
  7. 2004 GT bad throwout bearing, Ford refuses as many times as i bring it in to replace that and the tranny for the 1st to 2nd gear problem.
  8. ok i have a 02 GT and gettin on the freeway tonight i lost 3rd and 4th gears!!! does anyone know of any kind of TSB or am i gonna be paying out the ass for a new tranny or parts???
  9. 1st and 2n gear grind

    MY name is shane gray
    2002 mustang gt had the car since its had about 40,000 miles it now has 52,000 and there has been a little grind from 1st to 2nd every since ive had it hope this helps, lets get this problem fixed.
  10. Ok what I would like to know is this, of all the people here that has this problem how many have not had the tsb done and has been beating the crap out of the trans? is the problem any worse or no difference? I have an 01 Gt with the 3650 and the problem has always been there, it has 56,000 miles on it and it has not gotten any worse. I have not been what you can call easy on the car. So should I get another trans(car is out of warranty) or just bang this one till it explodes?
  11. WOW can we say dig up old, moldy increasingly unimportant beat to death issues?

  12. I wouldnt call it unimportiant, id be pissed off to get a low mile Mustang, or even a new one and have tranny issues... AND be denied warrenty work ontop of that. Thats just poor service, and not a real good way to build a reputation for a company.
  13. New and low mileage was prolly 60 pages and a couple years ago. Out of warranty is just that, get over it.
  14. out of warranty does not bother me, if you had read the entire statement I am asking who still has the problem that has been driving their cars hard. simple question, has the trans held up or broke because of this problem. Like it or not but thousands of 01-04 mustangs are being sold and people will discover this problem and not know anything about it, it will help if forums like this can give them alot of info that might just help someone.
  15. ha all of you call me stupid ha well not go in 3
  16. Im getting pretty pissed off as well, i have an appointment monday for other reasons(electrical, and check engine light). I practically am best friends with the service manager because i have been in there countless times. I will definitly give him the TSB and demand they fix it ill threaten to fail them in their service servey ford just sent me.
  17. tremec 3650 issues

    ha all you call me stupid ha well not go in 3 :lol:
  18. I just got an 01 cobra with 40k and it is a very ruff transmission. Shifts can be very notchy. Plus it also leaks and has a bad throwout bearing. Kinda surprising to me that with such low miles that its having problems of a 150k plus car.

    Shortly after I bought the car I got a 500$ nissan pathfinder that runs better then the cobra. LOL go figure.
  19. How much fluid is in your tranny? Try refilling it with regular dino-oil to around 3.4qts. My T3650 shifted like [email protected] when filled any higher.

    I wish I could have kept the T45.. that tranny never gave me any problems. :(