Oil Change?

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  1. I'm looking to get some ramps and perform an oil change on my car for the first time(had it done at shops before). I have a 2001 3.8L v6 with about 39,750 miles. Any oil recommendations and anything special I should know?
  2. Try to use the same brand those shops had been using, typically mixing different brands of oils isn't the greatest idea.

    I believe Jiffy Lube uses Quaker State 5W-30, in case thats where you were getting it done.

    And congratulations for stepping out of the soccer mom crowd and changing your own dang oil. :nice:
  3. I use mobil 1 5W-30, myself. Takes 5 and 1/2 quarts, which most people don't realize the extra 1/2 of a quart. I get it in a 5 quart jug at walmart for $18.88 or so, then I buy a quart every other time of changing it to add the extra 1/2. I personally like the...ugh what the hell is that filter....it's in a blue box. lol. Purolator Pure One. They don't carry those at Walmart, though. Those ba*tards. lol. At this mileage, I would reccomend going to a thicker oil, 5W-30 being sufficcent. Some people don't see a difference in running synthetic, but I really noticed one.

    and again, as Tyler said, congrats on stepping out of the "soccer mom crowd"!!!!!
  4. :rlaugh:
  5. i use the ford oil filter and castrol syntec 10w30
  6. I only use mobil drive clean,or mobil 1 synthetic in my vehicles, and yes, jiffy lube does use quaker state oil. Crappy stuff if you ask me, like penzoil, it has additives that gum up your engine and causes oil pumps to go out and many other problems when cars get high milage. Their reasoning i hear is so it quiets your engine more :shrug: , i think it just causes deposits in engines, i've seen it before. Valvoline is also a good brand oil that I would recommend, but mobil is cheaper.

    I would stick with 5 quarts of oil, not 5 1/2 cause you could have oil splash in your case and cause some damage to your engine. Thats why most oil shops always put a little less in then whats recommended MAX, (they dont tell you that), along with saves them alot of money cause it adds up.

    Break your oil Cherry. Don't do it to fast, or she might bleed. :D
  7. Oh, and i use 10w30 in my car also. my car is higher millage though, so i go with a little heavier oil.
  8. they sell the ramps at Autozone/Advance any other parts stores. I like the motorcraft filter (FL400S) and I've always used Quaker State in all of my cars.
  9. Fram and 5w-20 Motorcraft Synthenic Blend.
  10. In the 2K V6 I used to take care of, we ran Mobil 1 5W-30 and Mobil 1 Oil Filters. A bit pricy and it may be a bit overkill, but we cut no corners with it.
  11. I do my own oil changes as well...can anyone offer advice on an easy way to get the filter off!!?!??!? I think they put it in a horrible place. Im small and can maneuver around under my car and its still really hard!!!
  12. ugh i posted here last night but it didnt register for some reason

    One thing you want to realize about most people who say 10W-30 is that they are pre-2001 mustangs. in 2001 Ford changed the engine specs to using 5W20, also since they are older they have a higher mileage. And of course, higher mileage engines need a thicker oil to get the same baby butt smooth. lol.

    An easy way to get the filter off....hmm...I've just always used a basic oil wrench.....just turning it a little at a time then finished with my hands, never had to use the wrench too much before I could hand-turn it.

    I'm like ironheart1, I don't like to cut corners on the engine. Well i'll take that back somewhat...I have an ebay CAI...but thats not cutting a corner...thats called saving some money. lol.
  13. oh...and get the rhino liner ramps. they're a poly blend of some type of plastic. i've found out that A) they are easier on your hands, b) they wont deteroriate after time like metal, and C) they are lower to the ground, so your front bumper won't rub up on them.
  14. oh, about on the subject of hard to get off oil filters. Most people don't know this when they put on a new oil filter "newbies" LOL. LUBRICATE THE OIL RING SEAL!!! If you don't, when you go to take the filter off, it can actually be baked right to your filter connector. I have a relocation kit in my car. The oil Filter is really easy for me to get at. I highly recommend installing one if you don't like squeezing into hard to get at places. :nice: You can order them from summit. If you lubricate the oil filter with a few drops of oil before you put it on, you should be able to take it off with your hand when it comes time to change it. I have only used my oil wrench on my mustang once, thats cause i took my car to jiffy lube and they didn't lubricate it. Plus they had it on there so tight i broke the filter clean off. Dumb a$$es. Hope this helps you out SlvrStangBabe.

    Oh, and ChrisYellowV6, thats exactly what i said about using 10w30 on my higher millage car. LOL. Look up buddy. :nice:
  15. ok fine lol. you didnt say anything bout yours being pre-2001 though. lol :p Therefore my post wasnt TOTALLY useless
  16. I prefer pennzoil, though I am not using it at this time. When you guys say that Pennzoil has additives....all oils have additives, and the additives in Pennzoil are in 99% of all oils. As long as the oil meets the gov't. standards, it really doesn't matter that much, all personal preference.
  17. you sure about 5 and 1/2 quarts i belive it says 5 even... but it does bring up a question. I would go to my car and get my manual but i cant leave work :(

    10 w30 is not the correct oil and if we are being picky 5 w30 isnt the correct oil spec for 99 up, its 5 w20
  18. Hey guys, I actually work at a oil change place and man... the mustang oil filter is so basic right out infront, well at least the sn95, its easy, compared to an old buick or somethin (damn)!

    on my car i use pennzoil 5 30 and for filter i use either a fram (even know they suck) or a mighty, which we carry at the shop

    I wouldnt bother using synthetic on a older car just change it every 3 and maybe go with a lil thicker oil
  19. WIX filters are some of the best out there. I have been working in a truck and equipment shop for awhile and they all swear by them.
  20. actually spector, its 2001+ uses the 5W20, but even ford reccomends you go to a heavier oil (5w30 after 20k), and it's pretty common knowledge that the higher mleage your car has, the heavier oil you use.