OK, this is nuts 11.013 @ 126.51 mph stock pulleys!!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 03mustangcobra, May 7, 2007.

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  1. To all of you who have been following ALMO quest for weight savings and the ET record for the cobra with stock pulleys -- he did it 11.013 @ 126.51 mph!!!

    You can see his weight saving mods in prior posts on this site. It just goes to show you that you can get to your goals through a variety of different ways.
  2. So when is he going to remove all the glass, doors, trunk, hood, A/C, radio, dash, carpet, floor mats, lights, fenders, etc. in a quest for 9's? :rlaugh:


  3. Wow, Meat, wouldn't have figured you for the jealous type.

    Allen's car still has a very stock look interior, and behaves very nicely on the street.

    This is an accomplishment that we can all learn from, and should'nt be downtrodded because none of the rest of us have done it. What Allen has done is to show the significance of weight reduction, instead of just adding power.

    I am as guilty as the next guy of just adding power, when Allen started this whole project I thought he might run 11.8 or something like that --he's gonna break into the 10's!! I was wrong, and I am really glad to have seen the whole project (and even helped swap some tires etc).
  4. WOW, I wouldn't have figured you as the type who does not understand the use of forum smileys??? :rolleyes:

    I wasn't hating, I was joking... but now that I think about it.... where do we draw the line, or at what point of modification level do we say this "Stock Pulley" terminator is no longer a terminator? You love to title your threads about Almo's accomplishments with phrases like "Stock Pulley or non-ported" because that phrase will derive the most interest. When does that term stop holding any weight as far as the accomplishment is concerned? Not to take anything away from Almo and what he's done thus far, but at some point the accomplishment starts to lose it's luster.

    Why not start titling the thread something like.... 3080 lb car with only 440 RWHP goes 11.013 @ 126.51. Doesn't quite sound as impressive that way does it?

    I'm more impressed by Almo's ability to significantly reduce the weight of his terminator versus his ability to pull quick ET's. I'm sure if he can get the car down to 2500lbs or less you'll then be able to claim "Stock Upper & Lower Pulley w/No Port Terminator goes 9.99!"

  5. I see no jealousy in the thread... :scratch:

    However, I think "weight reduction" makes about as much sense as anything else that turns a nice Cobra into an ugly stripped out POS... I do not care how fast it is :shrug: Go tear up a V-6 not a Cobra... :notnice:
  6. You, know as I thought about it, I thought maybe meat was joking, but your second paragraph says it all. The quest for weight savings is just as impressive as massive HP goes 9.9's, maybe more so (certainly can cost less). As for wheather the car is still a terminator. It ceratainly does not look like a race car inside. Factory interior with rear seat delete and nice looking aftermarket seats. The car drives great on the street with M/T drag radials on the rear. No cam lope, nice even idle, and less noise inside than the MAC catback my 04 GT vert had!!

    If you define a terminator by being completely stock then none of us qualify.

    Again, disappointed by the responses on this forum. If you want more info graduate to modularfords.com or svtperformance.com, both these sites offer very educated opinions, with experienced, dedicated mustang enthusiasts.

    Sorry for wasting everyones time on this forum, didn't think that the quest for a long standing (in terminator terms) record would draw this type of criticisim.

    This car, and several others from the same shop here in Virginia will be at the Pinks all out filmed at MIR in early June of this year. Tune in there or the abovementioned website for future developments.
  7. I define a stock Terminator as one running a iron block 4.6 with an eaton M112 blower, an IRS, and a T-56 6-speed.
    Graduate? Are you insinuating the people in these forums are somehow academically lower than those at the aforementioned websites? So the people over here ARE NOT educated, experienced, and dedicated mustang enthusiasts because we don't jump up and down and slobber all over ourselves every time Almo breaks his own record??? :rolleyes:

    It's your own fault for purposely misleading people with your minimalistic thread titles which tend to make the accomplishment more impressive than it really is.
    Kind of hard to quantify Almo's achievements as records until someone publishes official rules stating what constitutes an 03 or 04 Cobra as being "stock". Once Almo replaced the IRS with a stick axle his accomplishments lose some of their luster IMHO. Again, if Almo completely removes or replaces every possible item on the car with carbon fiber and drops the weight down to 2500 lbs is the car still a stock terminator? Will his ET's still be impressive? What do cars with similar weights and horsepower levels run?
    Just attending or competing?

  8. My car is far from stripped!!!!!!!

    UM, you found the last thread associated with me and I am not surprised you found this one. Long story short, you and everyone else would pay to have a car setup like mine as it drives just like stock and speaking of which... lets not get carried away with the STOCK CAR statement. I don't recall every advertising my Cobra as being stock. STOCK boost then yes, but stock... matter of fact I would say only stock ones left are a few which are wrapped up with 1 mile waiting for a Barrett auction some 30 years from now.

    So with one seat in a Cobra totally stripped of everything but still having the 4.6 with upper and lower pulleys still having an Eaton with a built IRS and the T-56 and you would still define it as being stock.

    Damn in that case my live axle would toss me out of that picture even though I don't have the first pulley on this car. Interesting!
  9. Never said it was, but it has been on a serious diet.
    I'm a moderator on Stangnet. I'm required to read all the posts in my areas of assignment.
    Really? Oh yes I sport wood everytime I think about your racing seat, rollcaged, stock boosted, straight axle equipped car. :rolleyes: I'm 45 years old and your car is not what I dream of.
    Never said YOU did, but your groupies love to post up your latest and greatest ET accomplishments without ever quantifying them with all the facts.
    Well matter of fact you'd be very wrong. I know plenty of stock 03/04 owners. Want some screen names?
    Yup, IMO. It's the stock drivetrain which makes the car what it is.
    Yup. There have already been sanctioned Terminator class races in which the IRS was required to be in the car. As I stated before I believe once you remove the IRS the car no longer meets MY definition as stock. That's just MY opinion though... does it really mean that much to you?

    Look Almo I'm not trying to take any of your accomplishments away, lets get that straight right now. What irks me is your cheering crowd who run around posting your accomplishments on every automotive forum in such a manner that it doesn't really provide the whole picture to the uninitiated. Those of us who have been running stock boost for years now end up scratching our heads until we do the digging to find out HOW you were able to accomplish this. I just feel you and all your band wagon followers are not being 100% truthful with the Mustang community when you make posts like this without revealing the whole picture. It's just a little misleading to those who don't know is all. Again, your weight reduction accomplishments are worthy of praise.

    Your car weighs 3050lbs with gas - a full 700+ lbs less than stock. I saw where the last time you weighed it with you in the car it came in at 3155!? :eek: (As a comparison, mine weighed 3915lbs with me, full interior, spare tire, and a 1/4 tank in it)

    Your car runs a straight axle with slicks (or is it DR's?) & skinnys. (This mod alone improves your 60ft immeasurably which then results in some great gains on the big end)

    Your SAE hp/tq is 440/419. Just out of curiosity what was the DA when you ran that [email protected]? Just curious cause my stock boosted Cobra dyno'ed at over 475 STD on a cool morning.

    Simple math states with this combo at sea level you should be running low 11's, which you are. That's what I don't understand... your ET acomplishment is not exceptional when you run the numbers and do the math. I'm more impressed with your weight reduction mods then I am your ET's. We'll have to take your word when you claim your car drives just like stock though. I'll bet my stock IRS equipped Cobra handles bumpy off-camber corners better than your car does. :D

    What I truly find funny right now though is how you felt the need to log back on here and defend this 6 month old post? Instead of coming on here to brag or quantify your numbers why not share some of your wealth of knowledge on how you were able to shave so much weight off of your car? Try contributing something to these SVT forums (besides your personal accomplishments) and see if you don't garner a little more respect around here.

    You have done something impressive by pulling some great ET's in a stock boosted Cobra. :nice:

    2003 Sonic Blue Cobra (440/419 SAE at stock boost) ... quickest, fastest, lightest stock upper and stock lower pulley, non-ported, and non-sprayed, straight axle equipped 03/04 Cobra in the Country! 11.013 @ 126.51 thanks to Excessive Motorsport

    View attachment 358767

  10. I enjoy this site a great deal, although I may not contribute on a regular basis, and I have been on here since around 2002. I may not say much, but I am on here just as much as anyone else, and think this is a great mustang site. I will have to say, in my opinion, that no matter how you try to make it look right or pretty, it appears that you are hating on Alamo U.M.
  11. Yes I know it looks that way, but trust me I'm not drinking the Hatoraide.
    View attachment 358758
    I just want our users to understand how a stock pullied Cobra is capable of running these times, that's all. I agree the times & speeds Almo has achieved from his combo are noteworthy, but there is a reason he's able to do this, there's no magic involved here.

  12. I dont know Almo or his car. So being a neutral party, I have to ask, whats impressive about a "stock pullied" cobra running that fast, when the entire rest of the car is worked over as it is?

    Sure its impressive I guess, sounds to me like it would be more impressive if he just changed the damn pullies already and ran faster. the car sounds so worked over that I dont even see the point of leaving the stock pullies on anymore :shrug:
  13. First... haven't been on here in about 5 to 6 months... you're a mod, you should have been able to tell when I have logged on and off the site. Plus, I didn't know this thread existed until just last night. And don't think for a second I don't contribute, that is a BS statement as I frequent other forums more often, which I like better than Stangnet. I go out of my way to help others.. not to mention making it a point to post things that work and don't work and other things that would be of great use to ppl. This forum didn't do it for me when I first joined up neither did Mustangworld. Not saying they aren't great sites, I just don't visit them much.

    Second... all my information has been posted in the Mid Atlantic Cobra Association portion of SVTPerformance.com among a few other websites. So for you to not know about my information isn't my fault nor is it my fault someone else doesn't know my exact details posting information about my car. I'm not going to go around everywhere boasting about what I have done. Not to mention, things have slowly changed back and forth with my car so some might not know about it in detail as I have made it a point to put complete combos (mod lists) behind my times when I have ran a number so all would know. I haven't bettered my times yet so I haven't listed the few things I have changed.

    Third... I don't care to waste my time trying to answer/post everything to defend myself... I have had so many haters and I think lost might just be taking the jealous stance. I will say this, lot of your statement above doesn't hold water when speaking of my car but you can think whatever you would like.

    Lastly, kind of showing you're a jackass with posting the picture don't you think? It is ok though, just reminds me why I don't visit here.
  14. You're all over the place with your statements above... back and forth. :rolleyes:

    I guess your right though.. don't mind me, everyone seems to have and be running my times with my combo. :bang:
  15. Trying to get a 10 out of it before I go to a pulley(s)... :shrug:
  16. Trying to get a 10 out of it before I go to a pulley(s)... :nice:
  17. That's correct, so did you read all of the posts in the all of the forums, or you did a search on your own name just to see what you'd find?
    I'm only referring to Stangnet. I could give a crap what you do on other forums, it doesn't do OUR members here any good if all your vast technical knowledge is located somewhere else.
    Again, a quick search of the entire SVT forum area here on Stangnet shows a whopping whole 2 posts by you and both are about you and your times with no technical info at all. Thanks for the contributions. :nice:
    Oh I'm sorry... we're all supposed to know that the world famous Almo only posts his mod lists in another forum located on another site. Again, that really helps out the users here who don't know you doesn't it?
    Please point out where I got the weight of you car, or the horsepower of your car incorrect. Facts are facts. Would you like the mathmatical fomula that predicts ET & speed based on weight & HP?
    Kind of lame of you not being able to take a joke don't ya think?

    You're the ONLY person in the whole Terminator community who's car is that light, with a straight axle, and still running stock boost! You don't HAVE any competition so you'll always be the best in your one-person only class. :rolleyes:

  18. I mentioned what I did because I don't care to go back and forth trying to explain everything. I have done that enough on lots of other boards... Not to mention, I found out late that something had been posted here and yes, I searched my name to see what it said as any normal human being would. Jealousy will get you know where in life except maybe help you on your criticizing skills.

    And for your information and maybe you can tell me why if you are so helpful. I used to be under the name Almo with plenty of posts here and I don't know what happened to my account. Hence signing back up as BigAlMo. If I recall right, I first hit Stangnet when it was a link forum. Hmmm, wonder if you have been around the boards that long. :rolleyes:

    As a moderator you sure do a great job pushing people away. Then again, that is probably why this board isn't as active as others.

    Since you feel the reason you’re hitting on me and my car is to let others know what is done to it… well champ, there is no secret about my car as I have expressed in every way exact details about it. Hence why I mentioned it prior about the details residing on other forums. Also, you act like I have done this for myself only. I got news for you, I did it for the Cobra community to show that (this and a few more things) someone taking my lane can do what I have. Lou of PA first showed this and it gave me something to push after as a goal and to prove to the other community what our cars are capable of doing. People like you don't see it that way until it has to be pointed out. All you seem to care about from the two thread you have posted in is to let me have it from all angles. Also, you can cut the "solo I am a one team player BS" because my attitude isn't anywhere near this type personality retreat.

    This is my second Cobra by the way, already had a 2004 KB Cobra with all the mods. :rolleyes:

    Also, I would have gladly list and define my mods so all would know and I usually do but since you were so quick to give me and my car **** from the start, even in the last thread, I am not going to waste my time trying to help the board members when you give me **** from the start. It is you that has me and most likely others not wanting to help with how you treat people. Sorry not my cup of tea. I will stick with being an Admin/Mod on a few boards and choose the boards I want to deal with and help from how it treats me.

    Lastly, it is people like you that give me the drive to push on and do better than I already have.

    By the way and before I forget... my car will go quicker on stock boost and I will get it there. I would tell anyone I meet that talks about running my time. Lou's Cobra out of PA is much more impressive than mine was. Being that his weighed in around 300 pounds more than mine did when he ran a 11.16 but he also had a drag setup when I was only running a street setup on my car when I ran 11.01.

    For everyone else that reads this and before they might take my above statement wrong. I was a member here a long time ago. Also was a member of allfordmustangs forum as these two were my favorite at the time.
  19. thats like taking a light fox body with 440rwhp and us being shocked that it runs low 11's.
  20. Hahaha... you're a little behind times are you. People have done what I have long before I tried it. Try like two years ago!!! They just didn't go through their vehicles taking weight out like I did as it takes a lot of time to go through and do what I did and I can see why people don't care to go that far.

    By the way since you said what you did about the car is suppose to run what it is. So lets hear it from you. What have you run at the track with your numbers in you Cobra.
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