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  1. I hope this sort of thread is OK (noob here, but been playing with cars for the last 20+ years -- vettes, f-bodies, some german stuff in there too). I put in a bid on a 93 GT that I found on ebay, relatively close to home. I did not expect it to end up as the winning bid, but sometimes that's how these things work out I guess. Obviously it's hard to say without seeing the car in person, but I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on this final price for the below car? It's a 93 GT 5-speed, one-owner (though it appears to be a dealer selling it, with the title not having been transferred into the dealer's name). Described as stock and complete, but has received a low-quality paint job at some point. $3100 final selling price. Any opinions welcomed (besides the obvious "you should have looked at it before the end of the auction"). Thanks!

  2. Looks OK some cowl damage and why would someone do that to reef blue :(
  3. Supposedly the clear coat was trashed from years of Florida sun.
  4. dont think so....seems like its just a crap paint job.....but other than that....for a stocker,about right give or take if its mechanically sound....
  5. AH well. I would have gone through with it if my Trans Am sold, but since that buyer backed out yesterday I'd really have to stretch to complete the purchase of this car. If it was really a killer deal I'd make it happen, but if it's about market value, then I guess the seller will just have to be pissed off at me. Hate to do it but it is what it is.
  6. Sooo... you bid the car, won it, and have no plans to actually pay for it?
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  7. Unfortunately, yes, that's the way this is going down. I've been on the receiving end of the same situation, several times, and I know it sucks.
  8. can you actually back out?....thought thats what the dep was for?
  9. $3100 is about $1k too much. It's going to cost you lots of money to undo what the moron did with the paint. Plus windows don't work and who knows what's really wrong with the A/C, could end up costing you lots more to get everything working.

    Good luck buying anything else on Ebay, hopefully they'll ban you for that.
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  10. Man, I hate to hear about things such as this.

    The only reason I'm even commenting is it has happened to me before. I listed a car on stated site, bids were placed, someone won, and then basically complained to me that he had won and backed out, never paid for the car.

    I really don't even understand why someone bids on things if they don't want them, and then certainly don't have any intention of paying if they win. The process is really very simple, if you don't want to pay, just don't bid.

    I hate to be harsh, but I certainly wouldn't be trying to justify my actions on a forum. I would be contacting the seller and doing everything I could to explain and hopefully work out some kind of resolution.

    Sorry for the rant. Good luck with it, I guess. :shrug:
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  11. wait. You BID $3100 on the car knowing you couldn't afford it, and now want to leave the guy on the hook? So now he has to file a dispute, get back his listing fees, and relist the item because of this. So why do you care what the car is worth if you have no intentions on paying for it? Sounds more like you thought it was a quick flip but now it's not, so your trying to back out. Isn't ebay a legal binding contract and if you back out they ban you?

    That's pretty crappy IMO.
  12. I would have to agree. Same thing happens to me all the time. Buyer places bids, then comes up with some lame reason why they can't pay after winning the item. I hate that.

    In 9 years or so on Ebay i've never once pulled that on someone.
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  14. Car is worth 2k and you are a douchebag
  15. According to the ebay guidelines, real estate and auto bids are non-binding. So lets say i bid on a car and i won. I find out it wont pass emissions in my state. Im not obligated to buy it.

    So legally, he is not obligated to buy the car, but that is a pretty big douchebag move.
  16. hey?....just buy the car.?....ill buy it off you for sure for the exact same price?....
  17. i swear i will?