Ordered Me Some Goodies

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  1. Finally gonna make my stang good again... ordered all new weatherstriping, window channel run, door belt stripping...also a new dashpad to replace old cracked cut out speaker hole one...jush gotta get some paint for it to match. Now for the fun stuff.... got a smog pump delete. Mac unequal shorty chrome headers. Mac orhpipe. Replace the cheapo crappy summit shorties and true duel cats on it now...i already have a magnaflow duel catback on it now. So i will see how that sounds....
    next on list:
    Headliner and hatch headliner for hatch (i cant find that any help?)
    New carpet
    paint match entire interior. Its saddle tan but its really faded in places.
    elect fan to complement my mismiroto rad. Already installed.
    New fog lights.
    Short shifter.
    Upgrade steering wheel
    upgrade speakers dash speakers and rear 6x9. Add shallow sub in spare rire carrier and 4chdied amp for sub n 6x9s.
  2. So 25i views and no comments?
  3. People probably clicked on this thread, thinking there might actually be a "Tech Question" here. ;)

    ....moved to Talk.
  4. send back that smog pump delete and just run a shorter belt. That thing WILL eventually fail.

    MAC headers and H pipe? Meh Should have bought either BBK or better yet a used set of FMS shorties.
  5. When Mac stuff is new it fits better than BBK

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