OT: another reason i dont bring my car to school....


Founding Member
Apr 28, 2002
Poughkeepsie, NY
last night at like 4am my roomate and I are just getting to bed after a long night of cramming for finals and im lying in bed and hear this car coming up the road and think to myself, "wow thats goin fast for the road out front of my dorm" and then i hear sliding tires and smash out in front of my dorm.i look out the window to see a car smashed into the tree in front of my dorm :nonono: ....i jump out of bed and am like WTF! my roomate pops up and im like did you hear that, and he is like hell yeah WTF! a couple people have already surrounded the car trying to get the person out cuz the door is stuck....they get him out and he walks off to the side....someone yells call the cops, and then the kid runs off with someone else....i then realize why...the kid driving was not the owner of the car....i realized it was the 95 sixer thats always parked behind my dorm...i guess the story is the chick started her car cuz it was cold as hell or somthing and ran back inside...and this kid hopped in flew up the road, lost control and hit the tree.....

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