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  1. I didnt even read all of the above or all of paks reply, but that is damn funny!
  2. Wanna funny (or not) bit of info? When surf in to see what's being discussed in this forum, I can count on 2 things, a thread somewhere about the A-arm drop (should I or shouldn't I?) and Pak and Hop at each other's throat about Eleanor! I like a good arguement as much as the next guy, but you two take it to a whole new level!
  3. Oh come on Zoo, let's be fair now, honestly, when was the last time? You have surfed in several times inbetween with no words minced between us, and you have just witnessed the very last. I really thought I had made pretty good on my pledge (despite being antagonized a few times). I guess there simply is no pleasing some people, no matter what I do it's just never gonna be good enough. :(

    BTW, thanks MFP, I was kinda proud of that one myself but I figured it just got lost in the novel.
  4. I didn't mean that as an attack on you, just an observation. Also, I didn't mean that you litterally have the same arguement daily, just that it happens frequently enough to get old. I'm not taking sides, either, I just wish you both could somehow get over it. But then again, I can be as petty as anyone, so maybe I shouldn't have brought it up.
  5. I've just got one thing to say, and that is:

    I went to KFC once, and could swear the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted chicken with my oil...

  6. Zoo , now that rat has officially displayed his french colors and run from the fight, I can speak without him filling up the thread with meaningless banter and witless snipes. He has some type of mental hangup with Eleanor. I mean,, who cares??? But proof is "in the puddin", if you will. Read his posts. NOBODY on this board is so emotional in their hatred of Eleanor. I can just see his eyes popping out as he types every insult. Do I like pushing his buttons? heh heh .. yeah.. sorry, its just fun. He could never leave it at "I dont like Eleanor", and move to something else. Hes like a little poodle ,trying to hump your leg ..Hes literally on a sales pitch every time a thread has the name Eleanor in it. Is there a cuckoo smiley ? We need one here. He needs to understand that some fellas like the way Eleanor looks, so we copied it. Everyone should be happy with their toy and not have to listen to some mental case lob a truckload of meaningless :bs: insults at ya for it . Still though, I do love to banter . I know your not taking sides, just thought Id splain mahself... Im gonna mail him some lithium. And a teddy bear. Its all about love mannn!!!!
  7. I just cant figure out why people dont want their cars to be THEIR cars. I dont really care what people want or do with their money because in the end it doesnt really affect me in any way.
  8. For all you Eleanor haters out there and you know who you are, would you feel any better if Shelby was lavishing attention on camaros, firebirds or god forbid, hondas and nissans! I thinks it is great that the Mustang is the object of all the attention. As HOP said - most of the mustangs being used for the conversion were junk and not likely to be restored anyway so why not convert 'em so they can be back on the street! Save the hate for the import boys - where it belongs!
  9. I NEVER said I hated Eleanor. :nono:
    When GISS came out, I liked the car.
    What I don't like is that every time I turn around, a rabid fanatic is rubbing "Eleanor" mania in my face, spewing trash that it is the end all/be all of all Mustangs, and having the gall to tell me that I am in denial and that I have "Eleanor envy".:mad:
    I also think that it is bordering on sacrilege (much like hanging the cross upside down) to take a REAL '67 Shelby GT500 and convert it into a CLONE of a made up movie car, no matter how nice the movie car was! :notnice:
    It gets compounded by the fact that said fanatics then take even the slightest negative comments about their dream girl to be a personal attack against themselves, and start launching personal attacks (replete with Jr High school name calling tactics) against those who "offended" them.:nonono:
    So rather than get caught up in this stupid vicious cycle, I have taken to adding the Rabid Eleanor Fanatics to my ignore list.
  10. I'm just glad no one rants on the the Terlingua's. I actually like them better and they remind me of why I choose a coupe over a fastback.
  11. :banana:
  12. Well Zoo, I still contest that "frequently" before the big blow out yes, but since I made my promise, I really have to disagree. I am over it, he is on the ignore list and I am not replying to what I can't see and since there are a few new replies since my last one (filled with his usual 3rd grade same as every other thread insults that he uses again and again and again I'm sure) then perhaps you should start to only wish that he could get over it. It seemed the last time that every one started ganging up on me to stop it and so I did what everyone told me was the right thing, (though I'm sure once again he views that as a sign of weakness or retreat :rolleyes: ) so I fail to see why Randall gets away with it. Why aren't any of you telling HIM to stop it if you are so sick of it? He obviously does not respect the wishes of the board, as I have tried VERY hard to do, by doing his best to lay as many insults my way as he can to taunt me into it again. He contributes all of 2 things to this board, 1) alot of really stupid jokes in the talk section that no one seems to enjoy, and 2) defending Eleanor to his dying breath, that is it, that is all he is here for yet none of you say or do a damn thing about it. :nonono:

    Screw it, I give up, (yes hop, in true French fashion, I said it for ya so maybe [but not bloody likely] you can keep your pie hole shut for once) this place has been going down hill for some time anyway, who needs it.
  13. :lol: Hes so touchy.

    Im a big poopy face and my "tell your best joke thread " was stupid (despite a big participation )and I love that mean ol Eleanor that was no good for the Mustang hobby.. :rlaugh:

    Zoo, your dealing with a personality flaw . I wonder if its me personally he hates or that I found an old 67 GT500 in need of bodywork and made an Eleanor (after carefully storing the stock pieces) ... :shrug: I think its me.
    Either way, his hatred is irrational and undeserved . Id rather be friends, but hed never have it that way. :shrug: Sooo, Ill just keep biting back when he pops up. And he will pop up again to take a poke at me. :nonono: Matter of time...
  14. Hop-
    Now I'm going to go back to ignoring you.

    Oboe, please keep your promise and ban this pud already!
  15. Agreed.

    I've gone to great lengths to ignore this *ahem* member of the site, and I'm tired of it. He contributes nothing but agitation and hides behind righteaous indignation. Maybe if we stood up and made ourselves heard we could make a better place for ourselves instead of having to suffer this troll.
  16. Geeze.... talk about everyone's buttons being pushed...

    My 2 cents:

    1)I like Eleanor's looks (hence the SN)

    2)I agree with both sides (over-priced but also far greater than the originals performance enhancements)

    3)I like Pakrat's car and attitude about protecting these pony cars

    4)I like Hop's strong American attitude and rational rhetorts to Pak

    5)I think everyone on this board needs to stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy the mustang COMMUNITY. Not just what they like or want done with all the cars in general. This message board is a community of enthusiasts that come to talk about their cars with other experienced owners. Sure opinions are stated and arguments are started, but let's keep it on a rational/mature level. I know that Pak dislikes Eleanor's looks and I know that Hop dislikes Pak's judgements... but I bet those two would look pretty damn killer cruising next to each other head to head as they pass all the imports scattered on the roads nowadays... :nice:

    Worry about YOUR OWN car... It's the only one that you have a right to decide what gets done to it. Don't hate Shelby for doing what he did years ago and don't hate Pak for having an opinion. But also don't forget to show Hop and other Eleanor lovers some respect when you blatantly talk trash about the car they are building into their own. I bet you wouldn't like it if I scanned this messageboard attacking any post that mentioned anything about your car or one similar. I respect them all. Keep it simple people... if you put a lot of time and effort and ESPECIALLY MONEY into classic mustang than I am and always will be right there with you as a buddy and fellow enthusiast with respect for the culture. I may not like what you've done, so I don't do it to mine, that's all. But I damn well respect what you're doing and I love these friggin' cars! lol

    Long live the mustang! :flag:

  17. Is that a threat ? :rlaugh:
    IS that an insult ?

    Isnt that against the rules here ? Thats two major rules blatantly wee wee'd on in one little post.! :rlaugh:
    Oh yeah,, and if we go back to the beginning of THIS thread, wasnt it YOU 65 that made it a personal attack on me when you started on the "using a REAL GT500 to make Eleanor blah blah blah".. Yes, it was. How did I respond ?, polite, and explanatory. DID I NOT ?
    Oh, and I dont believe Ive ever made a threat here.. Hmmm.. nope.
    On a personal level I dont like you either. Can say this though.
    You MAY WELL get your chance to encounter me one day. Before you cast idle threats you need to know your "adversary". I ll only say that if you choose to ever escalate this to a physical nature, you best make sure your medicare is paid up. Ill come in at a good fighting weight, rest assured.And more importantly, well trained. Just know that. But as far as a threat,, Ill make none. Not my ways..And I know you dont like me either Blake. Its ALWAYS been these two , with you sniffing around the woodsline. Same old 3.
    Cant make everyone happy. Your "smug, Im more intelligent than everyone else " attitude {that several people have pm'd me stating during our first tiff} is hardly an asset here anyway. This was originally between me and Frenchy. HE started it. NOT ME. Over the GT500. Of ALL the guys here on this board , and there are a ton, its just a few taking Frenchys side. Others that dont agree with what I did were quite cool about displaying their stance. Thank you. The supporters, the same. I get along just fine with everyone here but these schleps. GO BACK IN THE BEGINNING OF THIS THREAD , SEE WHO STARTED THIS. 65. Quote " My favorite quote was that theyd never use a REAL Gt500, maybe its not as reversible as some contend" . I s'pose that wasnt aimed at me either huh. . I EVEN TRIED TO BE NICE , read my reply.. BUT ALWAYS FRENCHY OR 65. THEN YOU CRY AND NOW MAKE THREATS WHEN I RESPOND. :rolleyes: YALL START ON ME THEN CRY FOR OBOE TO BAN ME??? THATS SIMPLY PATHETIC. I know Im not gonna get voted Stangnet dude of the month, but I think there are a few folks here that know I speak the truth.
    Excellent post Tim (El1nor) . I fully agree.
  18. LOL, he's a crafty one. "Quoting" mystery PM's to launch an insult my way. And Hop making judgments on who or what is an asset here is laughable.

    I bring this thread back to the top, not to keep a wound open, but to keep an important issue top of mind. Ignoring this problem has gotten us nothing but heartache and headache, and I'm tired of sitting by the wayside while this disease rots our forum away.

    I refuse to play the game he loves, but I will end it.
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