Outnumbered By Idiots

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  1. Which finger is sticking up Noobz?
  2. The real question is about which one would get used the most. :chin
  3. :nono: thats the one madmike wants.
  4. This :poo: is becoming more and more common on older cars being worked on by shadetrees and hacks.
  5. These cars started out by getting worked on by shadetrees and hacks.

    How many used Stangs have you had? lol
  6. All of them. Only thing I bought new was the F150, which was built by shadetrees and hacks.
  7. The lines don't concern me as much as the true value hardware holding the MC on. Cheap ch
    Yup, and then guys still insist their car is worth $7-9K or so.

    I saw pics of a Mustang for sale with wire-nuts used for some of the underhood wiring.
  8. I've seen it done (nicely) on Fbodies where it's a lot more necessary.
    It's 3 bolts on a foxbody. That's just lazy.
  9. I don't see anything wrong with it if you do something proper. A gasket sealed removable cover maybe..... but the likelihood of that is slim.
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  10. :nonono: anyone want to tell this guy they are $5 new?
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  11. $5? You're gettin hosed. $3.19 at Walmart.
  12. It's the dough for Chocolate Salty Balls. Hope he likes it.
  13. The irony here is that when you open MY trunk ...................

    You see one of those exact same access panels..(only I used the cut out sheet metal and made it fit back again)

    How exactly is it that draining, and dropping a tank is preferable to opening an access panel that reveals the pump and sender from above?
    Seems to me that somebody would make a decent amount of money making a bonafide cover plate kit so that can be done on any fox car.

    Now this guys particular version is hacked (any solution that uses diamond plate automatically garners a hackberry award...)
    But I'll cut a dozen holes in a trunk floor before I'll ever drop a tank again.
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  14. I agree with mike, cutting a hole in the trunk floor with a holsaw above wires and fuel lines deserves two hackberry awards. A thought out and well executed cover gets a attaboy, well except mike, he probably did it twice so he gets two :nice::nice:
  15. WAste of an expensive decal plate

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  16. I don't get it.