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  1. Hello I recently bought a 1995 mustang gt 5.0 5 speed . The car ran great but recently it's been overheating, I live in phx az so It gets pretty hot. I noticed the temp gauge goes a little bit above the middle at times but it constantly goes up and down little by little but when I floor it the car slowly starts to heat up bad just a little bit before the red line. I'm not sure if I have a bad water pump or radiator. The car is fairly stock. It has a cobra 5.0 manifold, it is tuned and it has 4 inch mufflers that's about it so I find it pretty strange for it to overheat. I need help plz anything helps
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  3. How does the antifreeze look?
  4. It's not full, would putting water effect it in anyway?
  5. Is the fan running at high-speed as it's overheating?
  6. Yes
  7. Since you're fan's working, water pump, radiator, thermostat, or blown head gasket are your usual suspects for overheating. It may not hurt to check the actual radiator temperature (using a laser thermometer - they're really cheap these days ~$10 at Walmart) just to make sure it's not just your gauge or its sensor acting up.
  8. I think it might just be the sensor messed up because the car will ride normal for about 5 minutes then it goes up to about midway the M and A in NORMAL then after about a couple minutes it falls back down to normal, all while driving calmly, it happens when it's 98 degrees outside and it happens when it's 75 degresss outside
  9. Is the overflow working properly and your cap good?
    Has thermostat been changed recently?
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  11. Cap wasn't working , got it replaced still overheats
  12. I'm gonna try my thermostat
  13. Thermostats are cheap and easy to change but stove top test it to make sure it opens at the proper temp.
    You should get a mechanical temp gauge to confirm what temp you are actually experiencing.
  14. I will do that today and get back to you