Overheating..... Add Pusher Fan???

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  1. Hi
    The reason I asked about fox's is I did research (search function) and thought I had the answer til I realized it was a fox body thing...:) taurus, Mark VII fans etc

    Had underdrive for a while..... 10 years ago ?? when I first bought car.... more hp ;) No I don't have them know.... didn't work too well with the supercharger. :)..... A bottle of radiator cool stuff kind of worked for a while. Don't think I have any in now...

    Just going to try this,,,, only a few hundred dollars. :rolleyes: Pretty sure it will work. I am a little worried about the amp draw.... but am pretty sure it will be ok.
    Did some research on 3 core radiators decided it might not be enough and was pretty expensive. The engine is fine around town. It's the miles of stop and go on the Hot Rod tour that got me.... i like my air.


  2. Hi
    When I searched I found the Taurus/mark VII fan a lot. Then realized i was in the Fox body forum. Glad it works for you!!

    I ran underdrive pulleys for a few years..... more HP you know :D.. Pulled them off when I went with the supercharger, don't remember why exactly but there was an issue.
    A little worried about the amp draw on this but going through a relay and its fused so everything should be protected and hopefully ok.... ;) ...
    Did a little research on 3 core radiators but didn't think it was what I want. The money was quite a bit more too!! If there was a guarantee that something would fix it, I would buy it hands down but there seems like a lot some gray area.

    Just going to experiment with this and see what happens.. Only have a problem if stuck in traffic for a while, doesn't happen much around home but the Hot Rod tour really brought it out!!!

  3. You will see an improvement with the pusher fan.
  4. Make any progress with this problem yet?
  5. 100 degrees last week, so I let it sit....
  6. I don't blame you. I put up a pool and got a wicked sun burn.
  7. Back in Sept. 2010 you didn't have 623rwhp either so now your engine produces more heat. An extra pusher fan will certainly increase airflow through the radiator but there's something else you can do that nobody has mentioned so far.
    There are vents near the front of the hood on the GT500 models that are designed to allow hot underhood air to escape. They also allow the electric fans on the radiator to work more efficiently by venting the hot air that the fans have pulled through. If you position the vents right above the space between the radiator and the engine, any water from rain or carwashing will just drip onto the ground and not harm any underhood components.
  8. this. a push/pull setup will help, but a more efficient setup is to do two higher power fans. if the push fan has more flow than the pull, you'll create a pressure difference and actually hold back area from escaping through the rad. that might even cause more heat in the rad. i see this a lot in my data center. we have to balance the underfloor cold air pressure with the return hot air pressure otherwise servers will overheat. the server fans are the choke point and we have to balance against them. in your case the rad is your choke point. Now, i'm not saying this solution won't work as it appears that your borderline overheating only when you have the a/c on, the pusher might be just enough, but in theory it's not an ideal solution. but we all know how theory and reality aren't always true.

    my solution would be to try and help hot air get out of the engine bay like bullit said and to do dual fans on the inside with a full shroud. also make sure you have enough opening in front of the car to allow the air to get to the rad.
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  9. I'm not sure what you have done already. I put a high flow thermostat in and put a restrictor in the bypass hose to force more water to the radiator. My car will still start creeping over 200 though if the AC is on in the summer. I make less power and have a less crowded engine bay than you have.

  10. I really wish Ford had made the hood vents on the SN95 functional.
  11. Me too! Those tiny stock vents are useless.
  12. I think that the Ford Dual Contour Fan will wok better,plus I think it might be thinner also. Maybe we could look up what the Depth is on it to give you more info on it.

    Good Luck!
  13. Got some specs. on the size of the fan. Hope this helps you:

    View attachment 126617

  14. Hi
    Thanks for the input.. Have vents in the fiberglass Cervinis hood up by the cowl, it is also raised an inch or so.
    I would think that would help??

  15. By the time you get this pusher fan installed it will have cooled off and you'll have no idea if it worked or not until next year ;)

    Those vents aren't going to do much when you are sitting at a stop light. If your coolant is flowing as best it can, and your radiator is cooling well the only thing that is going to help you is the fan. If it were me, and I were set on adding a pusher, I would mount it temporarily and see what happens when you move it around. There will be an optimal location for the fan. I highly doubt it is directly over your current fan.
  16. It's not August yet.... Still time to test.... I was replying to Bullitt 95 about the GT 500 vents... I realize they won;t help when stopped. I don't live for my car, it's fun but i have a life.

  17. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

    I think you are right about it creating a pressure difference and I am a little worried about that... It has close to the same cfm as the stock fan so .... I am worried.... I am going through the condenser and radiator and plan on offsetting the pusher fan, so it's not blowing directly at the stock fan, hoping that will help some. I have a tendency to buy big when I do things but thinking about it know maybe a smaller fan would have been a better choice. :rolleyes:

    More test results:
    The stock fan/ccrm is broke... only coming on at one speed. That may fix the whole problem when I get it fixed. I assumed (you know about assuming) since I had repaired that a few years ago that it was working... decided to test it (trying to be through) and found the problem. I think that it went out after the Power tour as it seemed to overheat quicker on a couple short trips but can't say for sure.

    I will fix that first then test and see if it fixes the problem. Then add the pusher fan fixed or not as a science project , since I have all the parts. o_O Then do some real life testing (driving). I don't drive it every day. So it may be awhile til those results are known.

    As I have said before you're a great group of people... thanks for the help. I will report back about what I find.

  18. Thanks for the specs Looks like a good way to go but I don't think I have the room with the vortech pulley. Also found out that my stock fan/ccrm isn't working so ..... I have to take the cover off the stock motor to make it fit... which may be my problem.. Sorry for the trouble i put you/everyone through.
  19. It is no trouble. I love seeing problems and their final solutions. So in the end I hope you get this resolved and we all learn from it.

    I am currently building a radiator at work for 95steedamustang on here and myself. I will post some pics of these bad @$$ rads when they are done. I plan to use the stock fan setup. But I am looking into maybe down the road adapting a custom shroud with dual Spal fans.