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  1. Hi all,

    I think the time has come for me to part with my '66. I have lost interest in the car/project over the years and find myself in the market for much more modern vehicles. Sure I love the V8 and the car in general, but I just can't get as excited about it as I used to..... SO, the time has come to find her a new home and I'm hoping you folks might be able to help.

    First off a little info:

    1966 Mustang notch-back coupe. As original as I can tell based off the data plates etc. The car is a 289CID car with a C4 auto. The interior is a cream color with maroon carpet, and has a center console with a floor shifter and the 'secret compartment' in front of the shifter. When I first purchased the car in the late '80s it was in need of a new exhaust, so we had a custom stainless steel dual pipe system installed locally and as I have put less than 2,000 miles on the car since I took ownership of it, it's in as good as new condition. Also, it sounds spectacular hooked up to the 289. ;)

    Anyway, the car is in good solid 'like original' condition... That is, other than the exhaust, it has no modifications to it's assembly line specs that I am aware of. The body is sold, it apparently had some work done by the last owner but it's well done and a magnet is needed to find it. There are some spots that could use some TLC to make the car show quality, but it's still as solid as ever.

    The paint hasn't aged very well, as I suspect the previous owner used the cheapest brand possible and got a 'close enough' color rather than true Royal Maroon. I'll take some new photos once I have a chance to wash it properly and give it a good coat of high quality wax/buffing product.

    Wheels: It has steel rims with OE hubcaps atm, though I have been debating getting a new set of rims, though now that I'm considering selling it I'm not sure I'll do that.

    The 289 runs and is strong, especially compared to most modern engines. I always intended to do either a Paxton supercharger or 4-barrel hi-po conversion but as it stands now it's in it's original 2barrel trim.

    The C4 has a rear seal that needs replaced, (I have the part just need to put it in), but otherwise seems to shift well as long as you stay up on the oil levels.

    The interior is, as far as I know, original and the driver's seat has some wear that shows it's age. (Currently the seams have come apart on the outside of the seat where the ribbed center inserts are sewn to the outer seat shell. I believe this to be from age and use as the thread is rather deteriorated around the split seam. I can replace these from Year One easy enough, again, just haven't had time to do it....)

    I would like to get $10,000 + for the car, and if it would take simple things such as replacing the seat covers, new wheels/tires, some wax, etc... then so be it. If it's going to take some sort of Top Loader conversion, new coat of paint, etc...well, again, I've lost that kind of interest in the car....

    Opinions? Suggestions? Ballparks on what I might realistically get? (here or elsewhere)?

  2. I'd be interested to see some pictures of the car. Looking specifically at the underside frame areas and trunk/engine compartments for rust.
  3. I'll get some ASAP. Need to get it washed and waxed but I can snap some pictures of the trunk and engine bay no prob. Underside, if I can climb under it when we get it out of the garage next I'll see about those as well. As I recall the areas you mention are pretty solid indeed. From what I can remember we chose this particular car because the frame and core structure was top notch for a 40+ yr old car.... well 40+yr old now....
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