Paypal account hijacked again.

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  1. Just got an email from Paypal that my account is being used by someone in Europe. This has happened to me before. The first time I only had a penny in it. I just sold both my i860 and i730 Nextel phones. Had $406 in there. After redoing all my info again the money is still there. This is getting old. Had my Ebay account jacked too a few months ago. I'm a target for someone.
  2. Damn that sucks Vib, I had my Ebay account hijacked about a month ago. Its a real sucky feeling.
  3. You may want to install a firewall on your puter, maybe someone has hacked into yours :shrug:
  4. I don't keep any $$ in my Paypal for that specific reason, but I've still never had problems w/it.
  5. the minute i get money in paypal, the minute it transfers into my bank account :nice:
  6. word.
  7. Yea I liquidate as soons as the money hits. My account was shut down as soon as I sold the phones. No time to wire transfer. Finally get the email. I was told the money would have been protected even if it was cleaned out.
  8. That sucks, Joe.

    We had the same problem with our SAE car account at school. We always kept money in there because we are constantly buying junk for the car. Luckily everything was recovered, it was just a PITA.

    I wonder why you're such an easy target for someone...

  9. Now where did i leave that OWNED picture :rolleyes:

    :jester: j/k good luck!
  10. You guys beware of scam adds asking you for your info again. YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE INFO TO ANY EMAIL ASKING YOU TO.
    They "SPOOF" emails and they incorporate the logos of PAYPAL and Ebay asking you to re-enter your personal info and all you are doing is sending it to someones harddrive for them to access your whole identity. If you roll over the address you will se it does not go to the paypal or ebay server and any passworrd you apply will let you access your account from their spoof page.

    Joe it sucks man to hear they got you buddy. Make sure you guys apply for a credit report if this has happened to you before b/c someone else is prob trying to use your identity to finance stuff or get a DL and possibly commit a crime and get apprehended in an alias using your name.
  11. Hey, about 6 mos ago, I got one of these, with the logos and all. I got about 1/2 way "UPDATING" all my info when I saw a question that asked for mother's maiden name, passwords etc.. That's when I stopped and called paypal...and they said it was NOT them. I forwarded that Email to them, and changed my password immediately.

    Sorry Joe...Ill hold your $$ for you if you want :banana: :D
  12. I'm not a Paypal fan anymore. Ebay and Paypal give me a headache.
  13. sorry to hear that, i havent had any probs yet...*knock on wood*

  14. Same here, my ballance is always $0 until I go to widthdraw funds or send a payment. I still dont get why some people use paypal like a bank account :shrug: