Engine Performer Intake

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 94coupe, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. I'm thinking of ordering the edelbrock performer intake and performer series 600cfm carb,
    is this a good idea...im gonna run long tubes,ignition system, and probably a cam, just untill I can save the money for heads and cam, should I go another route? Thanks
  2. Carb's are more specific when modding your engine. With EFI the computer will compensate air and fuel when you add a bigger cam or intake and exhaust. A carb should be done last so it feeds your entire setup correctly the first time around. Do the heads, cam and intake at the same time so you only have to buy and tune/jet your carb once. Unless the heads are way way out in the future.
  3. If it is a 302, this should be a good carb. The vac secondaries will help adjust for any future changes. The performer is a good street manifold series. Are you going with an air gap or EGR or a different model?
  4. So you think the vac secondaries will compensate enough to add aluminum heads and new cam in the future without changing anything to the carb? :shrug: That's a big step forward.
  5. Changing jets and rods is not a big deal. If you moved to a different elevation, that might need changed. So I will not say nothing will need tweaked. But the overall carb will be fine if you keep it for street or street and strip use. A mechanical secondary carb might be easier to just swap if you make HUGE changes to the motor or displacement and run races only.

    The vac secondary carb will not use more air until the motor needs it. There is probably an adjustable, spring-loaded secondary air flap on that model to control how fast and easy the secondaries open. Holleys and clones usually have colored springs to do this. You could probably put a 750 vac secondary carb on a 302 and have it run fine. It would probably never fully open though.

    Jets and rods are also cheaper than a computer tune on an EEC IV, but it is mostly DIY.
  6. I plan on putting heads and cam in a couple winters or a striker kit with ported stock heads? I wanna keep vacuum secondary...i will drive it everyday in the city when the snow is gone. I'm gonna cam this motor to get sound.with the 3.73s I'm not looking for huge ho right now! Thanks guys I appreciate the expertise
  7. I'd stay 302 and get aluminum heads over stroker with stock worked heads.
  8. What do you think the tq and hp differences would be? And the cost difference can be night and day depending on brands