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Breed Specific Legeslation banning pits:

  1. NEVER, my pets are family

    8 vote(s)
  2. No, even though I don't own any banned dogs

    10 vote(s)
  3. No, personal choice

    3 vote(s)
  4. Yes, ban the dogs, they hurt people

    7 vote(s)
  1. aparently I sturck a nerve. I can see that a lot of people don't want to see what many, many people consider a family pet banned. But there are a few who see these animals as real and present dangers. And some, who like me, believe that some people are never meant to own these precious animals. I had one myself. Only to see her stolen from me to participate in these dog fights everyone keeps bringing up. I can only assume this was her fate. She was a great dog, and I was a small (well, relatively) child. She was my friend when others were hard to come by. I loved that dog, and occasionally still miss her. But I would absolutely NEVER ban a specific breed of dog for an owner's stupidity and cruelty. I think this covers my opinion. Carry on.


    edit: I also ask that anyone who voted on this pole please explain fully their reasons for their opinion. It makes the debate more credible, as well as your vote.
  2. Just to make things clear I'm not attacking anybody. After all everybody is intitled to their opinions. :SNSign:
  3. I personally know of a spaniel type dog that attacked a few people and had to be put down, as well as a Lab. I can't say that one particular breed really deserves to be banned-I think if the people that fight dogs couldn't get the usual breeds, they could be just as sucessful with any other large dog-standard poodles included. Starve and tease any dog and they will become mean-not just pitts or rotts. And any dog can snap at any time. Someone I know has a German shepard mix that scares the crap out of people (she doesn't just bark, she jumps against the window and barks), and I'll admit when she was a pup she was a little whacked (she jumped out a second story window)-but she is the sweetest thing if you're invited in. If she didn't know me I certainly wouldn't walk into the house uninvited though! Dogs protect their territories, that's their nature.

    Oboe, I agree on the hybrids-they are still half wild (the Wolf or coyote in the the case of "coydogs") and people shouldn't own them as a pet-domestic dogs have thousands of years of domestication bred into them, wolves and coyotes do not!!

  4. And I personally know a hybrid that is as sweet as any full domestic breed. It all depends on how the anumal was raised.

  5. On the hybrids I think it results more to an instinct type of thing. I can't actually say much about them as I've only been around one and she was unsure of people until she got to know you.
  6. Okay, since Critter asked that voters leave opinons, you all get to hear mine! And I have a few.

    timwcol2: Like you, my job ("phone guy", but more into DSL these days)takes me into others' back yards. If you've been doing your job for over a year and still haven't learned how to "read" dogs; you just might want to look into another career field! After only six months, I could look at a Pit or a Rottie and tell exactly how they're going to react to a stranger wearing a tool belt. The smaller or "friendlier" breeds are the only ones that have nailed me.

    oboe: I guess you wouldn't rent to me, then. My 11-year-old "Chow puppy" actually would have rather crawled into your lap (and lick your hand until it wrinkled up from the constant moisture) when she was younger. As she's aged, she's stopped doing that - arthritis has made it impossible for her to climb into laps anymore. Ditto for both of Mrs StDr's Rotties (both RIP).

    Referring back to timwcol2's comments, and just for the record: During my tenure with "The Phone Company"; I have been bitten by poodles, chihuahuas, dachsunds and one collie-mix. I back-kicked most of the front teeth (including all four canine "fangs") out of that last one when he tried to take a second chunk out of my @$$ as I was walking away. BTW, he hopped the fence to come after me at a terminal-box in an alley; I never even considered entering "his" yard. Absolutely no regrets - I know that he's not gonna do that damage to anybody else. :D
    EDIT: Actually, if the collie-mix hadn't originally nailed me in the hamstring of my right leg; I'd have been able to extend a bit higher and snapped his head up, likely breaking his neck. Then I'd know for sure he wasn't gonna hop the fence to attack anybody else.

    The last dog that bit me was during the off-hours. I was talking to my across-the-street neighbor, and reached over the fence to to pet his "Heinz 57" dog - ugly, but everybody's friend! One of his other dogs -the wife's AKC registered Cocker Spaniel ("Isn't she just sooooooooooo cute!")- left four punctures in my forearm before I realized what was going on! Taught me (finally) to never let my guard down around other people's dogs - even if I think I know them.

    Yet another EDIT:
    Sorry, I have to argue that point as well. When I lived in Tucson, one of my best friends had a seeing-eye dog (came from "Seeing-Eye Foundation") that was half German Shepherd, half Timber Wolf. Other than a propensity to "clean out" cat litter boxes, he had ZERO bad traits. As I have already said (or is it "will be saying"?) at the end of this post, "It's nurture, not nature!"

    My dogs (including Trish's Queensland Heeler) are the friendliest dogs you'll ever meet. Our meter reader even asked what happened to the Chow when she was at the vet's being "fixed". On the other hand, I have no doubt they would fight to the death anybody that was messing with my wife and/or kids -just like I would. It isn't "nature", it's "nurture". Anybody that thinks otherwise is sadly misinformed.
  7. Gotta love those ever so friendly cockers!

    Unless I can't count I think I may have seen 2 negetive votes who are the rest?
  8. well, I just saw 4 for banning, and I highly encourage those for to post explicit reasons for their votes. And my Dad's Hybrid malimute/timber wolf will more than likely sit on your foot to ensure you pet her.

  9. The only dog I've ever been bit by was a cocker spaniel. He was our own dog and I didn't do a thing to provoke him. I was just sitting on the floor and he came up and started chomping on my hand.

  10. Ok I should have qualified my post about the hybrids-however I still stand by the fact that in general, they still have more of a wild side than domestic breeds. I have never encountered a wolf hybrid, however I I do know of some coydogs and they are def. not a dog that should be available to anyone. Although I guess that goes for any some extend I would wager it depends on what they are crossed with as well-shepards tend to have loose wires more frequently (in my personal experiance) would would not be the best for the "other half".

  11. I can "read" dogs ,I havent been bit yet. And I do go in yards with pitts and other large dogs. Even thought I am not supposed to. But what I was saying if the pitt is banned it is for the better..There is too many people that have the dogs that dont need them..Why have a breed of dog that you have to keep chained up inside your fence.
  12. everyone i know that owns pit bulls or rotties keeps them in the house. very few people that i know chain their dogs up, ever.

    i agree with the nurture not nature thing too for the most part. very few dogs are born mean and those that are, even pit bulls, are the exception not the rule. all dogs that bite a human do it because they feel threatened not to just outright hurt someone.
  13. There will always be those sad individuals who need an animal to do their fighting for them.

    When low socio-economic ghetto thugs rely on Pit Bulls as an image thing and abuse the dogs, they do get out of control.

    The gangsta will beat, starve, abuse, and fight Pit-Bulls because that is one element of inner city thugness.

    It is a cultural symbol of toughness that male thugs use to gain street cred and toughness points... :nonono:

    "Mang foo, joo knows I gotz to have a Blue Pit dat'ill tear a mutha-fu*kers throat out for sure!"


    Poor dogs... :nonono:
  14. Dude, do you really think pits are the only dogs that get chained up inside fences?
  15. This is so sad. On the other hand though not a single one of those dogs looks like its trying to hurt the hand thats helping them. They must be drugged thats the only reason for a devilish pit bull to not and turn on the doctor I guess. :rolleyes:
  16. Around here you have to keep your pitts on a log chain. and in some towns you have to keep the on log chains and in a kennel with a top on it or you loose the dog. and yes around here they are the only dogs chained up in fences. it would be stupid to chain up a normal dog in a fence.
  17. Pit bulls ARE normal dogs. as long as it is a breed or subspecoes of Canis Familiaris it is a normal dog. My dad's isn't normal, but is sugh s sweet and friendly dog that it doesn't matter.

    Unless you define "normal" as medium to toy breeds....

  18. It would be interesting to see statistics on the most abused & mistreated breeds. I'm willing to bet pits would be right up there towards the top.


  19. got someone looking that up.

    meanwhile, here's some other interesting stuff.

    Temrament Statistics
  20. i love all dogs..but unfriendly ones whatever the breed..
    are not much different than a town bully especially if they go out of their way to attack the innocent like bullies do at times..