Pic Whoring My 86 Notch

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  1. Heres some newer pics of my competition orange 86 Notch. Hope you guys enjoy them. Im taking it to the track this weekend and finding out what it runs.
    Heres what in it! just a little 308 with gt40ps,tfs 1,intake,carb,exhaust.
    And heres a crappy burnout pic, but it was cool because my little 7yo brother took it.

    And if anybody could. Could they possibly make this into my sig. I got it part way done but dont know how to downsize it.
    Let me know what you think. Here soon its getting some drag radials in the back. The 265'50's in the back right now are only 24" tall and look kind of goofy and the windows will be tinted here pretty soon.
  2. Looks nice, happy to see you left the window molding factory. I like the polished trim.
  3. Yeah, I think it sets it off better. Everything is new or has been replaced. It was a v6 auto, now v8 stick. I did all the work myself except the paint. Has new carpet, 95gt seats, new dashpad, and the rest of the int. is really nice. The motor is all new and was built by me and so far so good and it has about 6k good miles on it.
  4. Who doesn't love a great looking coupe? If it were mine though, I'd ditch the trim.
  5. Could somebody photoshop it for me with black trim instead of chrome. It isnt going to happen but I wonder what it would look like.
  6. What do you guys think. Tailpipes or no tail pipes, black trim or chrome trim, 5.0 emblems or no emblems.
  7. MAC 2 1/2 tailpipes:nice:
  8. Your looks fast. I like it.
  9. hey, nice car.. I would ditch the chrome also and go to black.. better suited with the orange.. and definetly throw on some sort of badge on there.. or on the hood.
  10. Nice notch dude!
  11. Thanks. Im really thinking about the tailpipes but Im going to wait till I can get some new 2.5" chrome ones probably mac ones. I still dont know on the chrome trim. Im gonna try to get my brother to photoshop it for me.
  12. That looks much better IMO! Nice chop.
    Nice notch man, do what is in that pic!
  13. Thanks alot man. I still dont know yet though. Definately putting tailpipes on it and getting the windows tinted. Ill see if I can get some trim from the junkyard and paint it black and see what it looks like on there, since I dont think any 4eyed coupes came with black trim.