Picking Up Ho- Err I Mean Hose

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  1. I've always been under the impression that rubber fuel line should be used as sparingly as possible and NHRA rules stipulate that you can't legally run rubber fuel line in any more than 10" lengths. Is this true or a folklore? If not...

    I was looking at this hose:

    The 8600 parker blue hose, which is rated to 250 psi and heat/cold resistant far beyond anything I'd subject it to, would be a lot cheaper than the usual braided hose and those push-lok fittings look like a lot more fun to assemble than the normal AN fittings. With an avg fuel pressure of 45 psi, I'd be well below the pressure rating too.

    Any common sense is greatly appreciated. o_O
  2. I currently have it from my fuel pump to my carb which is a few feet, and haven't been stopped for it yet. I do plan on replacing it with braided line though.
  3. Are you using the push-lok fittings too? Those make me a little nervous.
  4. I used them exclusively on that last giant turbo'd drag car that I whore the the engine pic out everywhere. I actually used the Jegs version of the hose, and their fittings and I had Zero problems w/ the stuff. Simple as snot to cut and assemble, w/o getting jabbed in the thumb by that sharp-assed little SS wire that seems to always hang out of the other stuff.

  5. Well that answers all of my questions then. How much would you say you had tied up in hose and fittings?
  6. I can't remember zactly,...I just know it was a hell of alot cheaper than had it been AN stainless stuff.
  7. Well, that should help my fuel system budget nicely.
  8. Yo wecom.

    I used it in all three sizes -12 from the pump, split into -10 to the rails, I think -8 coming back into a - somthin' or other return,..can't remember that either.
    All I know is this: F/P was something like 65P.S.I,..coming off of a 17 gal/minute belt driven fuel pump, swilling methyalcohol like that pilot dude on the movie Flight.

    All that and no leaks,...so I'd say it passed Beta testing w/ no problems.