Pics from Carol Stream cruise night (thursdays)

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  1. Hey guys just slapping some pics up from last thursday's carol stream show. Sorry for the quality of the pics my camera is not the best. If people show up to the next thursday show I'll try and get pics of everyone's rides in detail.


    Couple pics of my car for some reason it looks alot higher in the front that it usually does guess it's the way I parked or something.

  2. Nice everyone gonna go again this thursday
  3. If the weather is nice enough I should be there I need to detail my car though :nonono:
  4. I can't wait to come up there and hang with you guys. Nice pics by the way!!! We need to get together again sometime man!!! My car is in the shop as we speak getting the new rear end and some other goodies installed. It may not be ready until next week though. As soon as I get it back I will have to cruise up there!!!
  5. Oh Lord! I am a FAT ASS!! I have to start wearing all black or go on a diet...I am going on a diet.

    R L :D
  6. oh bobby, too funny...
    yeah i clay bar'd my car and waxed it on friday..oh man it is looking good!!
    hope it doesn't rain on thursday, looks like it might
  7. Bobby if you like I can photochop for future pics :rlaugh: j/k don't worry about it man :nice:

    **** I need a place to detail my car living in a apt sucks ass
  8. LMAO!! :rlaugh: If you like you can use the garage for detailing your ride.

    R L
  9. nice pics

    Hey guys,

    THanks for were a welcome sight to all the rods there...hehehe
    great pics...wife has some...she has to send them to my puter, will post them as soon as that happens.

    It appears we will be rained out thursday nite, however, we know how accurate those weather people are. HA HA! We have to wait and see...

    Thrusday nite will be FOOD DRIVE nite. Bring some canned goods for the food pantry.

    THanks again for coming....I know we will enjoy it more as the summer goes on.

    Ciao for now

  10. Thanks for posting the pics. I''ll have to stop up there this week.
  11. I'd like to come to this in Carol Stream. Wasn't aware of this, is this new?? Where does everyone meet?? :shrug: And , what time does it start?? :shrug:
  12. Starts at 6, most of us get there by 630 to park by each other. we stayed till 745 ish last week. the meeting place is on the corner of gary and lies. yeah first week was last week, it is every thursday from 6-10!
  13. ya they are doing a canned food drive this thursday so if you guys got some old canned stuff laying around try and bring it help out those people in need.

    I'll bring my digital again if anyone wants some pics of there car taken let me know I can throw them up on my webserver as well.
  14. can't wait to see you is sweeet!
  15. I may head up there but won't have the car. Still in the shop and probably won't be ready until sometime next week.......
  16. Great!! Thanks for the info. Look forward to meeting my fellow Stangers. :D
  17. Damn weather better clear up!!!
  18. The forecast says rain all day long. :rolleyes: