Pics of cowl hoods....

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  1. I currently have a Kaenen Cobra R w/ SVO scoop and really like it, but I want to have a different look, just to switch it around from time to time. I talked to Kaenen and they told me they have a 3" cowl and a 4 1/2" cowl hood, I just wanted to see different cowls on our cars just to see if I would be comfortable with a 4 1/2" on my sn. BTW, I just bought a 4" for my fox, which I really like, just not sure how it would look on my SN.


    This is my current hood.

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  2. Cervini's 3.5" Cowl...

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  3. I can't find any new ones but here are some I found laying around of mine.



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  4. 95vert, what did they give u for a price for the 4.5? if u dont mind me asking that is
  5. Mine looks different than yours. Maybe its the color or something, dunno.
  6. My sig is a frontal pic of mine. Once I get off work I will post some other angles of mine.
  7. Thanks Dave, but I like the other style a little better, looks nice on your car though.

    RFMustang, if you have a picture from the front, I'd really like to see one because it's Kaenen from who I'll be buying the hood from which is what you have. If that 3" is too 'low' for me, I'll be going with the 4 1/2".

    Jimmy, the price on the 4 1/2" was $350 + shipping, not bad at all.

    Damn Fasterthanthem, you've got a CF hood, you're a big balla. Post up some more pics, please.

    Hey Pok, it is different,I've noticed that the Kaenens are different from the rest. Difference being how oval the opening is.

  8. Here are 2 pics I have at work..

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  9. Nice...I bet that CF piece cost a pretty penny. How tall is that?
  10. It was right around 600$ shipped I believe. And it's 3 or 3.5" cowl.. can't remember right now.
  11. 95vert, I can get you one next weekend cause I am away from my car till then.
  12. Ok.

  13. thats not bad at all! are u happy overall with ur current kaenen product? i want to get their s281 spoiler as well... the saleen one is absolute garbage IMHO
  14. Hell yeah, my current Kaenen hood is awesome, really light, nice strong steel frame and nice fit. I just bought a 4" from abcexclusive and the SOB is all fiberglass and is about 10lbs heavier, so I regret getting it. I'm also going to get their S-281 spoiler, I found it for $199 + shipping on another site. I forgot to ask them how much they had it for. I'm pretty sure they'll give a little discount if I purchase both things at once.
  15. I also purchased the kaenan s281 spoiler for my car. Should be here in a couple days. Debating on painting it black to go with my scheme or sticking with the body color. The body color will most likely be hard to match from years or wear.
  16. only thing about kaenen is that they are VERY hard to get in touch with... u have to call like ASAP when they walk through the doors. thats the only time i was able to get ahold of them. he caleld back with pricing, then i tried to return his call and right to VM...
  17. I guess I got lucky, first call and they picked up.
  18. can't go wrong w/ a 95R hood...
  19. Off topic but what color is your car? It looks amazing!

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  20. What size is that? To be quite honest, the 2 1/2" on your car looked good but I would like it taller on my car. Post some pics Paul, I know you've got a ton.