Pics of my 331 Trickflow build....

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Good deal! Gotta love stangnet. :nice:

    I hope it works out for you. :D
  2. Those are some sweet videos, cars sounds great :nice:
    Looks like you'll be needing new tires now :rolleyes:
  3. Hey GCOMFX.COM considering we have almost the same combo, how does your car feel during regular street driving?? Does it FEEL more powerful than stock all around or only when you get on it?? i dont understand when people say the car will have "soft" low end torque with the stage 2 cam and track heat manifold???
  4. for the cometic users...they need a 50RA surface to properly seal. dunno if you guys did that, but apparently my engine builder didnt and they started seeping. just FYI :shrug:

    idle video sounded great:D
  5. Kind of a trick question if you ask me. When people tell you that you will lose low end torque, they are probably correct on a 306. A 331 adds low end torque. I would love to answer your question from a 5-speed point of view, but I can't. I have a 3,200 stall in the car. Does it feel good just cruising around. Yes, I can get much more acceleration than before keeping the car in O/D or third gear without downshifting. That's from a low 2,000 rpm pull and easing into it.
  6. Update: Sorry I've been so long without posting an update. I've been extremely sick the last couple of weeks and now it's time to play catch up with life. :bang:

    I have finally been able to datalog the car for Don to burn a second chip. It's on the way.

    I do have an interesting transmission issue at the moment. The car runs strong through the gears, but once it hits 5,000 rpms in third, it kicks out to neutral. It's almost like it's wanting to shift into O/D but I have that disabled.

    As a test, the new chip will have the WOT 3-4 shift moved up to 7,000 rpms. I don't ever want it shifting to O/D at WOT anyway. Once I confirm it's not the chip, which I don't think it is. It'll be back to the transmission shop for further testing.

    I've gone through several tanks of gas now though. The car still does pretty descent on fuel.... if I can keep my foot out of it. Then it drinks it like there's no tomorrow.

    Oh, I also replaced my old aluminized Magnaflows with some newer SS Magnaflows. They have turn downs on them, and I pulled the Mac chrome tails off the car. If it ever stops raining, I'll try to get more pics and vids.

    If the chip makes it here by Friday and the wideband says the tune is good enough. I hope to sneak out to a local track for some times. Even with the transmission issue, I should be able to get some 1,000 ft times.
  7. lol, i can tell how burnout happy you are. im the same way except i dont have spare garbage tires. anyway, your car is badass. i just picked up a ho block from a neighbor and i have plans to build a similar set up to yours. your car is deffinatly inspiration to get the build up started. your car looks to have a lot of power and looks super fun to drive.
  8. Believe it or not... same tires on the car the past 4 years. :lol: But yeah.... gotta love smokin' the tires. :D

    Thanks for the compliments. Hopefully it'll continue to run well. If so, I'll be one happy computer geek. This was one BIG project for a guy who just really got into wrenchin.
  9. Back from vacation.

    The newest chip is a bit rich. So I used it as an excuse to go ahead and get my 75mm T/B. It should be here in a week or so. Might as well datalog the RIGHT setup.

    Still have to squeeze the car into the shop to get the valve body replaced in the transmission. And get my subframes welded on while it's in there.

    I should be getting my slicks mounted up before our next track event. I'm hoping to spray the car on August 11th with the slicks and see what she'll do. :flag:

    Might as well add another picture of the car while I'm posting an update. LOL

  10. Just whorin it up eh Paul.

  11. :flag: Absolutely.... this project has been HUGE for me. :D
  12. looks like those eibachs are settling in nicely.

    what are the slicks going to be mounted on?
  13. ET Streets are 17" and will mount on the rims you see in the picture. I have an extra set with drag radials on them that will be my street tires for a while.
  14. Glad to see its rolling :nice:
  15. We finally got it on the rack at the transmission shop to swap out the valve body. Trying to solve the weird 3rd gear problem. The car will run good through the gears. When you get to 3rd it'll shift fine, then at 5,000 rpms it'll drop the gear like it's going into neutral.

    Totally different valve body, brand new shift kit. Still does the same thing. :bang:

    If changing the Shift sensor on the outside of the case doesn't fix it now. The next task will be to pull the tranny again and go through it to see where it's blowing off pressure. Ugh.

    But hey, that's the LEAST of my current problems. The head gaskets are leaking oil AGAIN! :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:
  16. oh no not again. them hg's are junk
  17. I went with Fel-pro #1011-2
  18. I have to have a certain thickness.
  19. Paul...long time no see. Very cool build, think it'll scream once it's finished sorting out....hope you get your issues sorted out ASAP.
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