Drivetrain Pictorial Guide To Odometer Gear Replacement

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  1. I replaced my Moms during the Holiday break and took pictures to help others.



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  2. This is what I need to do if i switch to 4.10's or other rear gears.. Correct?
  3. No. This is for replacing the gear when the Odometer stops functioning. What you need is to replace the gearing (usually in the transmission housing) to correct your speedometer and odometer.
  4. you do not need to worry about the needle placement unless you physically pull the needles off their shafts. they reset themselves
  5. Good point, this is true.:nice: I was not sure if it was (so I took pictures), but after putting it all back together and reconnecting the battery, the needles did reset themselves to the correct position.
  6. :Word:

    And you shouldnt need to...MOst of the aftermarket gauges are made to slide over those.

  7. Awesome write thank you :flag:
  8. Bookedmarked cause i will need this soon. Thanks. :nice:
  9. Your all welcome. I saw a lot of post on this topic when I was getting ready to replace my Mom's, and I thought it would be great to show what was going on. As you know... A picture is worth 1,000 words, and I thought this would be able to help alot of people. :D
  10. this should be added to the sticky up top. think you can merge the how to part of this thread with the how-to thread joe?
  11. I did a while back. It's a link to this post :nice:
  12. would something like this work on the fox mustangs too, i have tried to fic everything and my speedo and odometer are still off
  13. that is freakin awesome, man! thanks!!!!
  14. my trip stopped working (stays at 0) but my mileage still works. any harm in that?
  15. Very good info here, thanks! I'll be doing this soon myself.
  16. I had to do this on my '95 Cobra. 'Twas a PITA working on such small parts.

    Jinx, you should link to this in the tech sticky in here. Nice job. :)
  17. Phenomenal write up! The pictures are great and can be used for anything gauge related. I wish this was here before I tore into mine!

    Nice Job!
  18. I don't see any harm in it, But if your like me and want everything working like it should... I can see a cluster repair in your future. :D

    I could not find this information when I did mine and decided to do a write-up myself. Not bad for my first one either :cool:
  19. I think the Mustang has created more technical writers than any other vehicle!
  20. can you get this gear at a discount or autozone?