~~Pictures of my weekend trip to the dunes~~

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  1. Awww I love you too phil :) NOW LET ME REFI YOUR HOUSE:rlaugh:

    CHEEET.. Erics never been on a quad!!! He wouldnt even know how to ride... NOW ME on the other hand :)... jeff m.... get your mind out of the gutter!!!

    Hey yeah I'm totally interested... to you take trade? :p :p
  2. Yeah thats for sure since I JUST got home from there!! My truck knows the drive.. I could sleep on my way there if I could!.. only took like 17th tonight!!

  3. THATS IT not more lovin' for you :) JUST KIDDING, :D
  4. Sure if he is an experienced rider. If he's a noob like Misha then the Banshee doesn't make sense for him either.
  5. :lol: :D

    It's cool Misha, just looking out for you. Banshees are not for inexperienced riders.
  6. neither are mustangs... SO thats why you got rid of yours!!!!:rlaugh: The one I rode was fast but is it a banshee or a quad or whatever you call them?
  7. to give ya some credit, you did ride a raptor 660 without flipping it, or rolling it... thats not bad for a beginner, those things are unstable as hell! :D
  8. I sold my Cobra because it wasn't fast enough for my mad skillz.

    A Banshee is a two stroke, twin piston 350cc screamer. The power band is not suited for beginners. The Raptor you rode is a four stroke and it's power band is much more useable. The Banshee doesn't make much power in the lower RPMs and when it hits the pipe it hits strong. They are a lot of fun once you have plenty of ride time under your belt.

    If you decide to buy a quad buy something that you will enjoy. I've owned many quads including the Banshee and I think you would have more fun and be safer on a four stroker.
  9. Yeah, I guess I have to agree with Duner on this one. The Banshee isn't quite as tame as the Raptor - not taking anything away from the Raptor at all - but the Banshee is a different animal.

    To add to Duner's comments, a Raptor has a more even powerband that pulls all the way through the RPM range. A Banshee on the other hand starts out pretty timid but then goes from mild to wild in nothing flat. Even an experienced four stroke rider will experience HPF (High Pucker Factor) when they hit the powerband on a two stroke. But after you take a hit or two off of this go-fast crack pipe you'll be coming back for more.

    Man I love the smell of two-stroke oil in the morning...
    Aww crap, now I'm thinking about tuning up the quads and going down to Florence. I'm blaming you Misha. It's all your fault.
  10. Oh banchee smanchee drive it like ya stole it:D "just be careful":)
  11. The dunes are a ton of fun but there isnt really any great areas in Western Wa or Oregon. You have to go to Cali for the extreme dunes and crazy dune partys! If you guys do end up going i might have to trailer down the alki 500r trike to show you some outa control ****.
  12. uh... winchester bay... florence are pretty damn good, not as good as the stuff in cali, but they are good.
  13. I know this is way :OT: but this thread is kinda dying anyways. Everytime I see your car sn98gt I sigh and become very jealous. I had a 98 BAB mustang and sold it cause I thought I was going to be moving where I would be able to drive it....:nonono: :nonono: Now I kick myself daily. I LOVE THAT COLOR. Sorry guys, had ta tell him...
  14. well pretty good and great are two different things arent they?
  15. hehe thanks, look at it this way, at least you have a fast car now :D

    yes they are, but saying there isnt any great places to ride here in oregon is far from the truth. winchester bay is ranked as one of the top places in the US to ride :nice: