Plasti Dip

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  1. Yessir.. Picked it up 2 weeks ago
  2. How do you like it compared to the little ole 2v? Much more refined?
  3. Faster, more refined, more comfortable, responds better to mods, pretty much just.. Better. Lol
  4. Shut up KB You suck!
  5. I forgot a lot more expensive too :( :shrug:

  6. Oh yeah... there is that! LOL
  7. P
    you forgot, "But doesn't look or sound as good as a 2V new edge"

  8. Did you plastidip the trunk of your Mach? Did you put the carpet back over the top or just rolling like that?
  9. Yes I did the trunk to clean it up a little for the nitrous setup, I'll be covering it up but still not sure what I want to do.
  10. I've had my wheels Plasti-dipped since November and they still look just as good as the day I did them. No peeling or anything!! I tried to load a picture but it says it is too large and I'm not sure how to correct it. I can email some one the pic if they want to do it for me. :)
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  12. 351h7pz.jpg

    Thanks Nightfire!!
  13. :nice:

    Gorgeous Bullitt
  14. Thinking about plasti-dipping my enclosed trailer floor now! The vinyl floor is ripped and coming up. Plus I need to replace some of the wood floor. Now I can just plasti-dip the floor and can hose it out instead of sweeping the dirt out! Wonder how durable it would be though.