Please post pics of your lowered 96-04 GT's

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  1. yeah man it is really low. they're just eibach pro kit springs. my friends have all different kinds of springs and mine's the lowest, we dont know why lol

    but thanks, i was also happily surprised
  2. mine 96 dropped alot also...compared to others mine is almost an inch lower...:shrug:

    How often do you scrape the chin spoiler? Can you still drive up/down ramps like rhino ramps? I wasn't gonna put one on because i sit low but it just looks so good so mine came in today. I'm gonna drive up on the rhino ramps then install it...just curious if i'll be able to back down :D
  3. interesting

    eh i guess what i said didnt come out right :)

    ive always seen those ponys for sale on websites and ive always thought to myself "what kind of car would make that look good?"

    and then i just noticed that u had it the other day, it looks really good on your car:nice:
  4. Markzeronine: Car looks pretty damn good, and please polish your tips.
  5. +1 Please do it will look so much better. :D
    Nice car I love those Cobra wheels.

  6. Wow...:hail2:
  7. Thanks!
    Yeah, i've seen it on quite a few around Jacksonville, here, but on all of them it doesnt seem to look right. Kinda sticks out, looks garish. But they're all on stock mustangs, or v6's or really riced out ones... I think if little things like that are done on a tasteful car, it can spice it up a bit.
  8. from all the cars ive seen on here, hands down, you have the most exotic looking stang on this forum
  9. LS2 KLR that car is awsome. Gotta say it is my fav car on the site. :nice:
  10. when you guys say tips you mean my exhaust? i painted them flat black. i like stuff that way, same with my pony up front. thanks for the suggestion though.

    to DropTopPony, when i had Welds, my car had much more of a stance and the front was lower, i took it to the tranny shop and when i got it back the lip was SERIOUSLLY scarred. it still is, and im still pissed off about it now that you remind me lol.
    But on the regular wheels it barely ever scrapes! You should be fine, and i can go up most driveways without a major problem!

  11. Thanks for the compliments. It's come along way and its great to finally have it look the way I want. Now I just need to clear out some room in the garage so I don't have to leave it outside anymore, lol.
  12. [​IMG]

    Im at the University and unfortunately this is the only pic i have on the internet, The rears aren't installed yet, i like the stance so until i get my bigger rear tires i might keep it this way.

    Eibach Pro-Kit. Stock struts etc.
  13. FRPP C Springs with stock isolators. Rides close to stock and handles very nicely.


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  14. Sweet car Smeech! :nice:
  15. H&R SS springs, stock shocks. 18x9" all around. 1" spacer at the rear.




  16. thanks!:cheers:
  17. Steeda sport springs, Bilstien shocks/struts, Steeda C/C plates, Steeda UCA's,
    Steeda weight jacker LCA's




    Old picture, before the Mach 1 chin spoiler

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  18. Hey, don't know how to post pictures yet, but the tiny one by my name is there for now.( how do you post pics?) It has Eibach Pro's with Strange 5 way adjustable shocks. Rides like a brick here in Jersey. Our roads are terrible. Looks good though. Definately gives it a meaner stance.
    Good luck on your project.
  19. [​IMG]

    I have no idea what springs were used, they were done before I bought it... it looks like its been lowered around an inch or a little more. Ride is stiff but not harsh, handles great.