Please welcome the newest future Stangnut to our ranks.......

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by Pakrat, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. haha u raise some good point there.....power in any 16yr old is bad iono how my mom let me get my bigblock.......
  2. AND JUST WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE I-6?!?:mad: :fuss:
  3. power!!! theres just not enough power with the i 6 i dont think ford shouldve made it all but i just like lots of power:rolleyes: i think power is everything
  4. You are ill informed. :nonono:
    The I-6 CAN be built up for plenty of power, AND they are more reliable than "V" motors.:nono:
  5. i know that can get alot of power just not as much as im looking for
  6. That is fantastic! Congratulation Pak!

    However don't expect to get much time with the car this year.

  7. Speaking of, how is your 'Vert?
  8. really? how quick are you looking to go in the 1/4 mile? 12's? 11's? there is a couple on that have a 1st gen falcon with a turbo 250 that runs.................

    wait for it

    wait for it

    HIGH 10's in the 1/4 mile. is that fast enough for you?
  9. In that case, what you want is a military surplus (helicopter) gas turbine like the ones they use in racing boats.....and don't forget the wing and're gonna need 'em!:rlaugh:
  10. There actually isn't a whole lot left to do, just lot's of details and finish work really. Problem is I haven't been able to touch it since the 1st of July as I was remodeling the nursery up until baby came. The mother in law is coming for 2 weeks to help out and then my mom for 2 weeks after that so I hope to be able to use the time to try and finish it up. Probably won't get it on the road but I'll be happy if it's ready for the spring. It's just been to damn long.
  11. When you're done with the 'vert, I could use some help on my coupe.:D
  12. i hear he wants to take a break from mustangs when the vert is done. so he will come out here and help my with my 64 falcon:rlaugh:
  13. ya i guess thats fast enough but im guessing that would cost alot of moeny
  14. That's gonna happen the same time my Cobra gets painted........:nono:
  15. i need the most help i have a transmision leak that i need fixed tomarow.... so hes going to help me
  16. There's a nice looking '65 Falcon up the road from me for sale......Black w/ red accents and red interior. If I wasn't broke I'd go check and see how much the owner wants for it.
  17. true enough:( :( :(
  18. about the same as building a 10 second V8 powered car.
  19. not if it wasa 10 sec car wen you bought it...
  20. When I am finally done I'll be too busy enjoying it again and catching up on yard and house projects to work on a car for a long time. All though in a week or so my neighbor is driving down to florida to pick up a sportsroof project that I am sure he is going to be looking to me for help on so we'll see how it pans out.