Polishing Supercharger??????

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  1. I have a Paxton Novi 2000 and I want to polish it. What tools am I going to need to do this or should this be left to a professional? I figure I need some sort of dremel or grinder. Or, how much would this cost to be done professionally.
  2. This link should help you out. Almost Stock is the KING of polishing!


    ALMOST STOCK's Polishing Tips
  3. Oy.

    Look here:

    And now that it's clear I've polished stuff :)

    I also recommend you purchase a quality bench-top grinder. You can get one from Sears for about $99. I've used mine for more hours than I care to admit, and it's still going strong.

    Use quality buffs. I prefer Eastwood brand everything, from buffs to the polish.

    I used a die grinder with cirular rolls to smooth the part first. I'm not sure I'm all that pleased with the final result, because it left a "wavy" pattern in the metal. A belt sander may be a better way.

    Obviously sand-blasting works really good too.

    Frankly, if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably just pay someone to do it. :)