Pondering E85 Vs 93


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Mar 23, 2009
While I was filling up the Fusion at a gas station that is only about a mile away from home I saw they have E85 and that got me thinking if possibly I should run that instead of 93. I've tried searching on here but couldn't really find any new info on pros and cons of both. Being that I have several gas stations that do sell E85 around here availability isn't that much of an issue. I'm about to do an engine swap on my 93 Vert. Engine combo is stock bottom end, TFS 170 heads they have been milled down from 61cc to 55cc (not entirely sure how big of a difference that is) TFS stage 1 cam, TFS Street Burner intake, 1.6 Ford roller rockers, and eventually a Vortech.

Side note I also think there's a gas station a few miles away that has 100+ octane, not sure on the exact number though.
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CarMichael Angelo

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Nov 29, 1999
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It would be a ridiculous waste to convert your car to E85 given how mild it is/will be.
E 85 in a stock, or mildly modded car will net poorer performance, and suck ass gas mileage, as you have to run more of it through the engine as a byproduct. The only place E 85 has a benefit is in a heavy nitrous/forced induction combination, where the cooling benefit/100+ or higher octane is needed.

Even running 100 octane pump gas in your car will more than likely show little to no benefit (if any). The higher the octane, the slower (and cooler ) the burn rate of the fuel. Slow, lazy burn rates control detonation, but suck when it comes to making power.
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