poor mustang : (

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  1. im sad to say this, but i think that one has been converted to the ghetto dark side and isnt coming back
  2. Did you check out the hood ornament? :notnice: When i look at the car i almost :puke: Who ever did this to this car needs to be :chair:

    I think there is a reason why no one has bid on it.
  3. yo dwg dnt go dissen the home skillet right turr, he prolly gets mad poon in that thing g
  4. that just aint right.
  5. Holy crap it's from stockton aaaahhhhhhh.:(

    I have defenitly never seen it but if I do I'll make sure and ram it hard to take it out of it's misery. LOL. Making sure I'm driving my acura.
  6. :rlaugh: I think you should do that :lol: Why is he selling it if he gets mad poon tang because of it :shrug: :D
  7. everybody call the guy and leave disturbing messages about his car. LOL

    Wierd part is that he has a 510 area code number and thats not close to here.
  8. "Rebuilt 302 bordered out high performance" LOL

    "Custom gold plated vents on hood" LOL

    "One of a kind gold horse on hood front" LOL

    "Flomaster" LOL

    "aluminum piping"LOL don't you mean aluminized.

    "Chrome square exhaust tips" aww wheres the gold??
  9. Notice the extensive number of bids?

    What an abomination!
  10. hahaha, that ones good, borrow a hummer, we dont wanna chance it living ya know...how would you like to be put back together to that abomination
  11. my dad actually found this car the other day...he kinda liked it :bang:
  12. thats kinda sad, sorry :nonono:
  13. Who says you can't make a pimp daddy hoopdy out of a classic stang?
  14. Hey, don't hate! That's the bullitt Stang's cousin from the projects, Rufus.