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  1. So, I got my 2011 GT back from the dealership today getting the hood repainted. The car was ready sooner than I thought, so I had time to install the Steeda CAI and tune. To say I'm surprised and impressed by the power changes is an understatement. The rear of the car wants to go faster than the front! The car definitely needs a pro lowering kit and tighter suspension as well as some stickier tires now.

    Anyways, my only issue with the tune is the very low and rough idle. I was wondering if that was common for a Steeda tune? I wont get anyone on the phone for a few days due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so I thought I'd ask here.

    The idle is rough and low, around 600 RPM, I can hear and feel it trying to ramp up a bit. The car heaves and rumbles significantly. There's a mild droning sound and the tach bounces a bit as it tries to bring the idle to the 900-1000 range to smooth things out. Is this common?

    For a guy living in a small apartment with minimal tools, I was proud and excited to be able to do this on my own. The whole swap was actually very easy, my only struggling point was the damn stock clip that holds the sound tube on was a PITA to try to re-use. I ended up capping it briefly and going to the the hardware store for a better hose clamp to secure the sound tube back in place. I can't decide whether or not I even want to keep it on, or just cap it permanently. But the car sounds beautiful.

    I took the car out onto the Pacific Coast Highway, it was nearing sunset, and a beautiful clear fall day, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to test out the car. I got onto a long onramp and opened it up full throttle. I quickly veered over to the fast lane, since the freeway was empty for a short stretch. I had to back it off soon though, because before I even realized, I was going 120 MPH. I don't think I quite hit 7K on the tach.

    Here's a quick cell phone shot I took when I pulled over to enjoy the sunset over grey whale cove.

  2. Nice picture and glad you got your car back early but:

    It is the passing lane. Not the fast lane. You shouldn't be in it unless you are passing someone.

    Sorry. Pet peeve of mine.

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  3. It's the Hammer lane!
  4. No it's not normal, they should be able to send you an adjustment via email, easy quick fix the guys there are really good.
  5. Glad to hear you are happy with the new performance! Sorry to hear about your tune issues. Shoot me a private message with your info and I will look into this for you.
  6. My Steeda tune stays pretty steady at 650 rpm
  7. check and find out if they tune they sent you was for exhaust also? i noticed when i pulled my exhaust off and not my tune/CAi it ran like dog :poo:. my tune was specific for axle back exhaust and a CAI.
  8. no its not normal my steeda intake and tune is smoother the the stock tune and airbox, and the power is off the steeda get another 1 emailed to you.