Post Pics Of How Your Classic Mustang Currently Sits

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  1. Post pics of how your classic mustang currently sits?
  2. i will finish one soon ,i swear .don't look at me like that :rlaugh: _MG_3783.JPG b9b8e9c9ce9d.jpg _MG_4041.JPG
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  3. this is the only recent pic i have. the fastback got put on the back burner this summer for a couple vintage chopper builds lol
  4. Finishing up a year long restoration of the engine bay and engine that included GT40 heads, AFM cam and a 5 speed conversion.

    image.jpg image.jpg
  5. Here's mine. I'm two weeks into a full rebuild lol. Got a loooooooong way to go. @bikefreak600 my project bike is finished (pictured on the right)! At least I'm done putting money into it lol. Gotta sell it to tackle this mustang build. image.jpg image.jpg
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  6. Here is mine. I'm in the process of replacing the floorpans and adding front torque boxes. I have already repaired the cowl. It's pretty much just a rolling shell. Hopefully it will be finished before I'm too old to drive it LOL
  7. vy5a5azu.jpg
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  8. dont sell the bike.... you will have many stressful restoration days ahead, ride them bad days away on the bike !
  9. I would love to but its the only way i can afford to start the stang! Besides, I haven't had enough time lately to ride it and she deserves to be in a home where she isn't kept in a garage all day =)
  10. This is mine before it was put into storage. It's time has come so the work will begin early next year. I'm going to move it to my garage so I can evaluate the parts situation.

  11. 10483607626_470f10bcb2_c.jpg
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  12. IMG_0286.JPG The 65' the CarCapsule filling up for the long winter.
  13. Just pulled the engine today

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  15. waiting for the new suspension and motor to arrive this week.... IMG_0936.JPG
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  16. Mine is just about complete! 390, top loader, shelby drop, leather, new electrical system complete, vintage air IMG_5821.JPG IMG_5560.JPG IMG_5840.JPG
  17. My '65 Fastback. 73,000 miles...
  18. My 69 fastback IMG95201402289515063095947.jpg
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  19. side.jpg
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