Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  1. And the latest pic of the engine...


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  2. MVC-703F.jpg

    got any more pics from the front?

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  3. yeah thats what i was thinking.
  4. Here's another shot of the front. As soon as the paint is done, I've got mesh to fill the gap and the foglight holes. Then I'm gonna recess foglights behind the mesh. Yeah this is the Xenon kit.


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  5. Here's a couple of shots of my '95 GT. She's stock at the moment, but come spring, she'll be transformed. I'm doing my research now, and of course, saving my pennies.


  6. [​IMG]
  7. Sweet man,...PM me your address,and I'll ship it out to you :nice:

    Did they have to do much prep with the wing,or was it ready to paint out of the box?
  8. Andy, think you could do mine too if its no problem? If not thats fine :cool:
  9. No sweat guys, Its just as easy to do both while I'm set-up..Will PM you an address...

    On the, its not ready to install out of the will need some prep work..I sprayed (2) coats of Hi-Build primer...wetsanded that out....shot another coat of hi-build, then it was ready to paint...the urethane they use has tons of tiny pin holes that need to be filled...the hi-build fills most, but i did use some spot-putty here and there...

  10. The 99+ gt emblems
  11. RIO5.0 got any more engine pics I like it like that looks super clean!
  12. Edited-Broken Links.
  13. love that color
  14. grainyFog800.jpg

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  15. nice Nobody, that is a wicked background
  16. :hail2:
  17. Hey thanks guys :nice: It was a foggy morning and I left the house packing a camera. It worked out!
  18. people i haven't seen before are showing up with wicked ass cars... Nobody: those stripes rock, i've been waitin for somebody to choose that scheme :nice: