power adder turbo/procharger

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by wicked93, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. Maybe I'm too tired to figure it out but you lost me with the triangle talk. :shrug:
  2. Hmmmm....Are you going to run the N.P.S.A.Drag Radial Class? I hear your motor is almost out of the shop.

  3. Done with your bs. Put out or shut up. That mustang is a piece of s***. :banana: :banana:
  4. Thats some funny S*IT.... your still leaving the triangle at the bottom left there. My posts dont have it stupid! :lol:
  5. Um darwin...your ingnorance is showing again ;)

    That's the "warn a moderator" icon, it doesn't show up when you view your own posts...the rest of us see them for you and not for ourselves.
  6. Igonorance? How the hell am i suppose to know what that is. Ignorance would be your post on the Heads up board... :notnice:
  7. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge not the lack of intelligence.

    I didn't expect you to know what it was, hence ignorance instead of stupidity :p

    I wouldn't be surprised if I am a bit ignorant about the wizardry behind Nitrous, but I know for sure that you can make more than 500HP with a motor on a 500 shot single kit ;)
  8. Who said that? Only lee can make a 500 hp motor and 800 hp nos kit to equal 500 hp motor...Damn i was thinking about twins not single. You need to just run one.Your confusing me :D
  9. The thought of converting to a single has actually crossed my mind, but I don't think it's in the cards for this winter...too much $$$.
  10. Sh.T this is giving me a headache keeping up with one and two turbos.
    Ill pay for half if you just run one. That way i wont get confused... :lol:
  11. Alright Pog muncher I've had enough of your $hit. Get your plan straight and leave me alone my balls are starting to ache. Bouncing them off of your chin is getting weak. :owned: :banana: :bs:
  12. Waterfrog your momma was a good lay last night . :rlaugh:
  13. Hey you freak show is that a picture of your daughter?
  14. Yea, Ever since the Stroke she shakes a lot, I could see where you would enjoy that.

    There are lines you don't cross...this is one of them. "Your Momma" Jokes are one thing, I can handle that. You leave my kids out of it or I'll be leaving your teeth out of your face. mmmkay?
  15. Who are you big mouth? whatcha gunna do to me F888 face.
    Where am i at girly girl.
  16. Everyone here knows who I am, if you had a sack of your own you wouldn't be trying to swing from mine.

    Man up and quit hiding if you want to play.

  17. Hmm another Andy Gibb?
  18. Yer not man enough so just sit there and spank it boy.Come on up and play in the woods with us boy. Think you better shut the yapper while you still can boy.
  19. Man Shut your Fu-king mouth! Looks like a little girl to me as-hole!
  20. Yea, that'd be my guess...

    And I can't believe that I missed Runz9z vs Runz9z_ that's a good one.
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Not open for further replies.