Fox Pre '87 Vs Post '87

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  1. she just wants the best for you, or perhaps from you;);) nods as good as a wink to a blind bat.:rlaugh:

    my point was mostly that the convertible wasnt the driving body style behind the mustang, and if it never had a convertible option it still would have been just as successful as it was. the convertible body style was just icing on the cake as it were.
  2. i have nothing against people that like convertibles, let them have what they want. just dont try to push them on me because i just dont like them. and oddly enough there was a time when i did like convertibles, and there are a few vehicles that look good as convertibles, i just wont own them though.
  3. If i ditched my fox and bought another Mustang, it will be a convertible.
  4. excellent, if you go that route i hope it works out for you.:nice::nice:
  5. Ya there are a few body styles I dont care for either. :)
  6. It's all well & good man.... ;) I like to joke around sometimes. Honestly, I'm "ruined for life" since i will always own & drive a convertible; I cannot stand not having one. I live to drive with the top down; it's probably an affliction & addiction all wrapped into one. I previously owned an '89 LX 4 banger coupe that I converted completely to V8 spec. Fast as hell for a little n\a 306 car ([email protected]). But I noticed i didn't have a good mood when commuting anymore & didn't care to drive it for pure enjoyment either.... It took me 2 years to realize that I missed my (1st) '89 convertible & the top down driving made everything alright in my life; even on my worst days. I'm a 'vert addict no matter the fact it's more costly to maintain, 400lbs heavier than my former Mustang coupe at it's heaviest, and will always slightly leak water in somewhere when it rains.... no matter how diligent I am with replacing seals & such.... Plus the damn thang is so sexy!

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  7. Your vert is something out of this world! Awesome job with it!!! I wish I had a T-top myself and a vert would be saweet!!!
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  8. like i said before, if you like your convertibles, buy up everyone you can afford. if i want to get in the wind, i will get a bike.
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  9. I understand where your coming from rbohm... different strokes and so forth. But you gotta admit, Tony's vert is sweet! Tony, do you have anymore pics you can share?
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  10. yes it is quite cool.:nice::nice:
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  11. I thought this thread was about 79-86 vs 87-93?
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  12. Yeah, maybe we could refocus lol. But it looks like the fox is out, I don't think my mom would really go for it. Also I don't want whoever is sitting next to me to get a faceful of dashboard if I got in a wreck. SN95's are good though, right? I know the 94-95 cobras are similar in performance to the fox, have a 5.0, maybe a little pricier (I've found good ones in the $5000-$6000 range), but they're nicer and safer right?
  13. the sn95 is safer than the foxes, better? that depends on your definition of better. i like them all, including the mustang ll. but one thing to understand, and let this sink in completely, real safety begins between your ears, not with the car. the safest thing you can do is pay attention to what you are doing, and mind what others are doing as well. all the safety systems in the world wont help you if you do something stupid like run a red light and get T-boned by a speeding 80,000 pound truck in the drivers door. all teh safety systems in the world wont help you when you are racing down that mountain road because its fun as heck, but the weather wasnt the best the night before, and the road is a bit slick, and that curve you normally can take at 60mph is just slick enough that at 60 you are sliding off the road and down a 2000ft cliff and onto a bunch of large boulders below. chances are the paramedics are going to bring sponges to pick you up off the boulders, or the truck bumper.
  14. Kelly BlueBook says between 4 and say 9k, the hood on that car says either the car has mods or just a different hood, mods say what did they change, why, and were they a "saints row drive it like you stole it driver," body and interior look good though ask them to send you a list of mods and pictures under the hood post that up and the folks here can tell you more about the car than the previous owner ;)
  15. and Yes you are on the right track!
  16. Your input is great, and I understand all the safety equipment in the world (volvo) can't keep you safe. It's the risk you run on the road, and you have to be attentive and responsible with what you have. Often times, people don't seem to understand responsibility, as soon as something horrible happens because of another's stupidity, society is immediately blamed, and we're all punished for it. My dad's a cop, so this is something I've been taught since a young age. Truth be told, I'm not as responsible as most adults. I'm a teenager, and however mature I act, I'm gonna do something dumb. But I trust my skills as a driver. It's not me I'm worried about, it's whoever's sitting next to me, in the event that someone else has a dumbass attack and puts me in a bad situation, I want them to be alright. And my mom has to approve of it. :)
  17. That looks like a fairly well kept Cobra. I'd still take it to a mechanic & pay the $100-$150 for a complete inspection. Getting stuck with a trans rebuild or rear diff rebuild will cost you far more. Make sure the title isn't a rebuild or salvage title. Test drive it yourself; does it grind or bind going into gear? Does it track straight while driving down the freeway? Find out everything that doesn't work; call around to see what the repair will cost(if you can't do it yourself that is). Also consider the fact that your insurance premiums will be higher with a V8...
    The one plus of a SN95 over a fox (in my opinion) is the chassis feels tighter even though it is basically the same platform. The interioir still has allot of plastic; but everything is a little better in quality than the fox IMHO....
  18. At least with a get ABS.