Prices & Options? Here's your Stink'in Prices & Options

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  1. is there a pic somwhere that I missed? When I heard spinners the first thing I thought of was the stupid rims all the ricers have
  2. they dont spin, they are jsut centercaps like found on olde vettes, the little 3 prong buggers
  3. The spinners look like 3 blade propellers that are on the centercaps of the rims on the 2005 V6 Mustang.
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    10holes are by far better.


    J/K :D
  6. Wheels with 10 holes are ugly. The 10 hole wheels were in the 80's Mustang GT's. They looked odd and didn't match the car well.
  7. Turbines were on the GT's, 10holes on the LX's.
  8. So what do you do when it's 90 degrees, 99% humidity and pooring rain?

    Carrry a couple bath towels to wipe your forehead and the inside of your windshield off? :rlaugh:
  9. where do you live, Manila? :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  10. You're on the right track,but it's the Chocó Rain Forrest (northwestern Columbia). We get just over 600" of rain a year. :crazy:
  11. We used to call them knock off's back in the day, but no they aren't the goofy wheels that ricers put on their cars that spin even when the car is stopped.

  12. Those look pretty cool. I have the original spinner hubcaps that came with my Satellite--though it's wearing Magum 500s now. :D
  13. Good post. All the mags/media are guessing a 26-27K base on the GT. Bill Ford was quoted as saying it would be less than $25K.

    I thought they said that the 5-speed auto was not ready?

    Isn't ABS standard on current Fords?

    I wish they would give us rear gear ratio options.

    I love the bullitt wheels and the 95R wheels.

    fly2low--OK, I give up. What has 4-doors, big trunk, does 13's, and cost $30K?

    I'll have a S197 in my driveway but I think I'll wait on the Cobra/Boss/Shelby/or whatever they call it.
  14. I thought they said that the 5-speed auto was not ready?

    What do you mean not ready? They've used it in the T-Bird since its '2 seater comeback'

    Isn't ABS standard on current Fords?

    Nope, the v6 model has always had it as an option in the 'handling package - ABS/Traction Control'

    I wish they would give us rear gear ratio options.

    Unfortunately they sort of are. Get a GT manual -> 3.55s, and the rest get lower gears. I know they really aren't giving you an option, but its better than nothing, and leaves out the people who want GT Auto's and V6 auto/manuals with 3.55s or higher
  15. The 5R55N transmission (5 speed auto) was first used on the Jaguar S type which started shipping early in 1999. It was also used on the 2000 Lincoln LS, which started rolling off the production lines in May 1999. It is also used on the Ford Explorer.

    The Mustang will be using the 5R55S which is the new "Synchronous-Shift" version. The 5R55S started rolling off the assembly line in the 2003 Lincoln LS and 2003 T-Bird in November 2002.

    So what Boomer said, by the time the 2005 Mustang starts rolling of the assembly line in Sept 2004, it's 5 speed auto trannie will be more than ready. :nice:
  16. For 2004, ABS/TC became an option for all V6 and GT models (still std on Mach 1).
  17. Sorry, I should have asked: Can the 5R55S auto take the additional hp/torque of the 4.6? The 5-speed in the wife's T-Bird is great but the 4.0L is way underpowered. Everyone on this site would probably get the manual anyway? Does the 5-speed auto have aftermarket shift kits, etc.?

    I remember when you could order a '89 with the 2:73 or a 3:08. I guess they stopped offering higher gears due to the fleet gas mileage rules (and everyone installed 3:73's and 4:10's anyway) :shrug: .
  18. I assume that the racing stripes WILL NOT be an option for year 2005?
  19. Those prices make me sad :(

    I wonder how much it will cost to lease a gt vert? Any ideas?
  20. Keep in mind folks, this is coming from a guy who doesn't believe a 99-04 GT can run 13.9 in stock form. :rolleyes: