Progress Thread Project 2015 Gt: Waiting For New Go Fast Parts

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  1. @84Ttop may I have you workshop....? PLEASE :)
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  2. Random question.... Have you ever put the Galaxie on the dyno?
  3. I hear the bbq made good horsepower on the dyno .... [emoji23]
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  4. That poor thing would make like 12 rwhp... lol
    The grill on the other hand has been on the dyno...
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  5. Question, Is the oil pump the weak link then at 7000+ rpm? Any other worries With the right tune?
  6. I talked to a guy at a reputable shop. His opinion on the gears is they are fine as long as the oil pump doesn't cavitate, or suck air. He said that causes the gears to shudder which he believes causes the breakage. He's got a boosted road course car and THRASHES it without issue. He has replaced the oil pan with a better higher volume one.
  7. Guard is the best and hardest color to find! Black was my second choice!
  8. So the 2015 is finally done and waiting to be tuned with the 3.15 blower pulley and long tube headers. I even drove it down the driveway last night! Part of the reason it has taken so long is most of my time recently has been spent working on this hoagie:
    2016-09-06 16.39.08.jpg
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  9. I miss updates to this thread :(
  10. Latest update is [email protected] As of last week. I have a few traction issues to resolve and some more 4th ing on the quest to the 9s
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  11. I think I remember you:scratch:
  12. What an awesome run! I'm hoping to break into the tens in a couple of months. Hoping stock suspension will do it. Making about 600 wheel drag star wheel setup axles clutch driveshaft shifter. 125-127 mph trap. I think I can just dip into the 10.90s :::fingers crossed:::
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  13. @84Ttop where ya been man? Working on the fox or just busy in general?
  14. Busy in about a gazillion ways! Shop, work, life, kid, wife... you know the deal! It's hard to keep up with everything that I used to. FWIW, I did have a blast driving around in a buddies boat yesterday that had a 351W and a GT40 top end lol
  15. That sounds awesome! We have a small 20' Regal 2000 ES Ski Boat with a Volvo Engine lol it's a lot of fun hoping to take it out next weekend.
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  16. Last time for this look... Car is getting a new wrap later this afternoon! It will still be green but other than that I have no idea what they are planning
    2017-06-24 15.20.02-1.jpg
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  17. She is a naked girl... New green vinyl coming soon!
    2017-07-12 15.08.08.jpg
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  18. It is now 6:30 pm and I demand to see pics of the finished product!:fuss:
  19. Tick Tock Tick Tock...still waiting....
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