Project "Fallen Hero"

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  1. I got a complete t5 rebuild kit here. never touched lol. maybe you wanted it to have a fresh t5. I think i have a few other parts. ill look tomorrow night
  2. Thanks, but the car is an AOD car.

    Someone local actually donated rebuilding the entire trans for us

    But thanks!
  3. what parts do you need? i might have some stuff
  4. I wish I could donate, but all I have laying around is a set of good 3.08 gears, and a set of new dynomax race bullets. I gave everything else to the buyer of my old stang. Its awesome that you guys are doing this project! Cant wait to see it all finished. I will check with my dad to see if he has any of the parts laying around that could be used. :nice:
  5. I think we have 3.55's, but until we square away the driveline and get the body painted, it's low on the list of things to do.

    We are trying to do this in addtion to our normal lives, so progress is slow and the budget is limited. Most of us have been paying out of pocket for some of the things needed.

    A lot of people have contacted me to donate parts, and we appreciate it, but right now, we'd really like to sell some t-shirts and/or stickers to get funds to buy specific things we need like head bolts, gasket kits, RTV, etc.
  6. i think i have a dash cluster laying around also
  7. More work done this weekend

  8. looking very good!!when i get some money, ill buy a sticker and a shirt :DIm jobless now :( stupid company!
  9. Thanks, progress is slow because this is a 100% donation funded project with work done in our spare time. I'd say there are really 5 people working on this full time, with maybe 4 or 5 more supporting people.
  10. Couple teaser shots of the weekend's work

    Engine bay stripped of everything and ready for sanding and paint

    View attachment 265215

    Engine pretty much complete. We managed to lose two bolts in the process (you can see them in the pic). If anyone has spare timing cover and WP bolts please contact me. We are missing the top WP bolt and the Timing cover stud on the lower left of the pic (temp bolt with nut and washer in place for now)

  11. any updates on the project ?
  12. New Website is up

    Project: Fallen Hero

    Car has been transported to Autopaint RI in Cranston, RI where the engine bay will be getting prepped and painted. After that, the engine and newly rebuilt trans are going in.

    April 19th, there will be a shootout dedicated to Maj. Calero at NED. All the slots are filled, but the goal is to have a little bracket racing competition with the goal of raising money and awareness. I'll be up there racing.
  13. nice website, I will continue to follow this!
  14. Thanks for the update, just added the site to my favorites.
  15. WOuld also like to thank John @ GMP diecasts for helping create a 1 of 1 replica diecast of the car. It's really awesome of them to do this for us. It's been customized by GMP for our intended goal with the car


    Real Car
  16. Just an update

    Engine bay is painted!

    Now making arangements to transport car to team members garage to begin running the wiring and installing the engine and trans back into the car